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    Soon-to-be X2 Owner

    Hi All:

    Happy New Year! First-time poster, long-time lurker. My DNM X2 is scheduled to be delivered in about a week. I'm an e-bike newbie.

    This post (Having problem deciding between the Luna Z1 vs X2.. - Ebike Forum) talks about the DNM X2's M600 motor having 750 watts. Usually, you see the M600 spec'd at 500w. Can anyone someone clarify for me the specs of the non-Ludi V2 X2 motor?

    I've also been reading in this forum about the M600 not having gear/brake sensors. To what extent does this impact riding habits when shifting and braking? What are best practices?


    Get the Ludi controller upgrade if not too late.
    M600 has lugs for gear/brake sensors but Luna doesn’t ship theirs with those cables or sensors.

    Let off pedal pressure and/or throttle when shifting..


      Thanks, rtp. The Ludi v2 isn't available right now, and I'm okay with that. Being new to e-bikes, this X2 will be like training wheels for me. Maybe by the time the Ludi is available I'll have more experience under my belt. I did a lot of mountain and touring when I was younger. These days, my middle age suburban lifestyle is just happy to enjoy some fun exercise when I can.