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Luna X1 - "Boost Mode" = "Runaway Ghost Train Mode"?

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    Luna X1 - "Boost Mode" = "Runaway Ghost Train Mode"?

    I have the 860c display, and I recently learned that about the "Boost = N / Boost = Y" choice in the Settings. I set it to Yes for the first time.

    And I set off down the street.

    As soon as I started to go fast (in Assist Level 5/9), BAM, the motor kicked in and stomped on the gas by itself. (I didn't press any keys or the throttle).

    I STOPPED PEDALING, BUT IT WAS STILL ACCELERATING. (My thumb was not on the throttle, but it felt like Auto-Throttle was on). I was up to 26mph.

    The only way I could get it to stop hauling ass was to hit the minus key all the way down to zero. Not even braking knocked it out of "haul ass cruise control."

    Is that how Boost Mode is supposed to be?

    Click image for larger version

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    I don't think its supposed to operate like that. What you describe sounds like what sort of happened to me one time. I turned the bike on, but was already applying pressure to the pedals. Seems like it wanted to give assist at times I didn't want and some times didn't assist when I wanted it. I turned off the controller, waited a few seconds and turned back on with no force on the pedals and that fixed it. Seems like when the display first comes on, or possibly even if you back out of a menu to 'normal' operation, it may try to 'zero' the reading for torque. If you are applying any pressure, that zero will be off and strange things may happen.