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X2 V2 Controller Battery % Accurate with VESC app?

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    X2 V2 Controller Battery % Accurate with VESC app?

    I have a few rides with the V2 controller on my X2 and it feels like the battery recharge times are shorter when compared to the stock controller. Yesterday's ride was 16 miles and the battery % showed 55% on my 860c display. Switched display to volts and it was 12.7v which is not right. So I went back to % on the display. When I got the battery back home and charged it to full the time to full charge was much shorter that I remember for a 55% battery charge. It seems like the Display % battery does not match the actual battery %. I have noticed that a full battery starts with 100% then quickly drops to 96% which I think is wrong.

    When will the battery percentage on the display show RED for low battery? The stock controller was 20% then it would show LOW battery warning. Is the v2 controller reset to a lower % now?
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    IOUZIP Probably worth asking in the big V3 controller thread: