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My TOTAL Eclipse, 100 days in

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    My TOTAL Eclipse, 100 days in

    I was in love with this bike the minute it came outta the box from Luna. In the 3 months and 700 mi since then I think I have about got her dialed in, and I'm absolutely pickled tink with her performance and looks.
    Not so thrilled with my savings account. I blew about 3k total, but riding this bike is worth triple that, and I would easy do it again if I didn't have this one.
    I know I'm fixated, but I can't stop lookin at her (she lives in the kitchen) or the pics I been taking on my rides.
    So here's some pin up pics. I'm sure all lucky Eclipse owners love their bikes, but no more than I love mine.
    day 1
    Click image for larger version

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    my topeak beam rack "barbie make up" case perfectly holds luna rapid charger - did 39 mi round trip, all hills and throttle with 2 hr layover/charge up.

    Click image for larger version

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    Nice pics! I’m interested in knowing what tires, rear rack and fork you’re running, and what you think of them. Thanks.


    • lectrik al
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      thanks. I did lots of research and picked up tips from others on this forum, and have prolly posted way more than an old newbie should have already, but communication is how we learn. I think you can follow the posts of other members, and all my posts concern the Eclipse if you want to follow my progress. I will have to get all the info together and post a list of all the mods i've done and the vendors I ordered from.
      short for now:
      tires - super 73 Bdgr (badgers) Vee Moto, from Sheels cycle. super sure footed, love em, ordered them before bike arrived!

      fork - Elyon (maybe that's the dist, absolutely No info, stickers, or name on fork or in box), Amazon. Awesome $150 upgrade, and with new rear shock the bike floats

      rear rack- Topeak Beam Rack system, (angled rack supposedly discontinued) REI needed major modification to fit the way I utilized

      Luna's Eclipse is great right outta the box, and responds well to performance upgrades

    Did you replace the rear suspension coil? If so, what is your upgrade? Thanks!


    • lectrik al
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      yes. I've got a gas shock. its an EXA form 562 by ks- kind shock. I got mine from ali-xprss. It is a big improvement from the stock coil shock, and about as good as you can get with the limited amount of travel- 30mm for a shock that fits the eclipse frame-150mm eye to eye. And the china cost at the time was $94.58, but I think amazon has a deal for about the same value and quicker delivery if you are lookin for the same. I like mine
      I would have to recommend a hydraulic brake upgrade as the best bang for your buck, as a performance upgrade, especially for a noticeable difference. I had upgraded to 4 piston hydraulic brakes about 400 mi before the new front fork and gas shock. My buddy just received a new xp 3.0, and better brakes were the first upgrade after the bmx handlebar/turtleneck stem install.

    Many thanks for your response! I was considering the hydraulic brakes too!


    • lectrik al
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      I guarantee you will love how nimble and responsive some good hydraulics will make you and your Eclipse.

      My test for proficiency and performance, (for a bike, or for the rider) is: Figure 8s.
      how tight, slow, fast, can you ride em? Stop-starts - emergency blind driver style, and circles Inside a parking space.

      Once ya get some levers with a feather touch, practice the above till you're sick of little circles. this will help you get old and still riding someday

      Going fast can be bought with $. The ability to go real slow real fast - priceless and earned