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X2 Ludi, has anyone integrated a fuel gauge?

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    bump, still looking for a solution here!


      I just run by the % on the display, so no real experience. (though I can hardly see the bat % in the sun, either!) I suppose you could add a meter like that, but there would be a couple of points to note.

      It looks like that is a simple "voltage converted to calculated percent" meter. It would read battery voltage and spit out the estimated percent left. That won't be terribly accurate to begin with. Plus if you are riding with moderate power draw, the battery would likely have some 'recovery' after you stop. So that meter would probably show artificially low unless you stop for a bit and let the battery charge normalize. Also consider that where ever you mount that meter you'd need wires carrying full battery voltage to it. Not impossible by any means, but you'd need to be sure they are insulated and safe from any damage. (fuses and/or resistors would add to safety) Ideally, the meter would just be part of the battery case to avoid the wire run, but then again, you'd need to stop and get off to read it.

      I'm not sure where the change took place. The original X1 bikes had the bafang controller and 'guess-o-meter' for a battery level. I believe when they switched to the Luna V2 controller, you actually get "coulomb counting" - so measuring the watt-hours used which is a much more accurate estimation of battery level. Did you get a luna controller with your X2?

      So at best, you'd have a fairly inaccurate meter with high voltage wires leading to it. At worst, the meter could be much less accurate than the one you have in the display and require stopping to have a look at the readout.


        Plenty of folks have wired in voltmeters - I'd just go that way instead of the silly percent indicator which in all reality is just a very low resolution voltmeter (ESV)... a voltmeter with even 0.1V resolution gives a *lot* more resolution and it doesn't matter what voltage battery you are using (I use both 48V and 52V)

        There are also "real" meters that measure the actual amp-hours (and watt-hours) - they are harder to wire in but some purpose built units aren't much more difficult than the voltmeters...the RC ones aren't practical for handlebars since they need to be in-line... these can give you very precise amount of usage...