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Luna super scooter!

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    Luna super scooter!

    This is Eric forgive me Ykick for jacking this thread.

    Any super scooter owners with questions please post here. The Luna Super scooter has so far had two version.

    V1 One single hydraulic brake. Different dash than apocalypse.

    v2 Dual hydraulic brakes Same dash as Apocalypse scooter.

    If you have any questions about this new product please post here.

    I would like to use this to get around on a large lake lot with a lot of grass. Do you think you could put wider tires on it so it would not leave tracks in the grass?


      The man in charge says beiow there will be oversize tires available to fit both scooters which currently run 10x2 tires. Right on!

      And yes, Ashely is a star and should absolutely do more product videos!
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        yes actually we have a wider tire coming for an upgrade accessory or replacment part... it is the maximum allowable size of tire in the fork.....

        i will try to get pic...tire will fit on apocalypse or super


          Also the super scototer now has dual hydraulic disc brakes.... a feature we loved on the Apocalypse once we got use to it (you really need to practice stopping quick on these things) and made the machine feel a lot safer. We got new pictures of the updated scooter and havent posted them yet.

          With every production run we improve things....

          Here is me practicing emergency stops from full speed of 35mph to dead stop......

          At 35 mph on an electric kick scooter Stopping fast as important as going fast. The Apocalypse scooter is equipped with both Hydraulic disc brakes and Re...

          I think practicing emergency stops is critical on any fast vehicle someone plans to ride on the street.... its a jungle out there.


            Is there any word on the new wider tires?


              Between the suspension and the fatter tires, this will have a pusher ride than anything that is similar. I've run the 52V, single motor version, and the huge battery ran for ages. Seriously, there was no airspace left on the battery box, it was packed full. If it went to 48V, the pack could have even more Ah in the allowable space. I think I'd like a 48V version with 2WD.


                We do have wider tries available now for the super scooter and appocalype. We should be putting them in our tie section on the website.

                I will post a link soon.

                The new wider tires have a lot more grip than the stock tires..... and make the scooter just stop on a diime. They are also less prone to puncture and flats.

                They are speed rated pocket bike tires.


                  We are playing with controller and phase wire upgrades that give the Super Scooter the same power and top speed of the Apocalypse with the simplicity of one motor....will keep you guys posted.


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                    Please keep us posted brotha, that would be great if we could get the lil brother up with big boy

                  I’m blown away by the Super Scooter and it’s continuing improvements. Truly an “advanced” stand-up scooter and brimming with benefits only dreamed about until now.

                  My version came with 2.5” wide tires but there’s room to go up to 3”, possibly 3.5” or more? But the 2.5” are good enough for street with the oil filled suspension. A wider tire would merely be nicer for grass or off-road dirt/sand.

                  You know something else which would bring the design up a notch, IMO? A mag-plug style of charge connector. I’ve never seen one used in eBike industry yet but it’s only a matter of time before somebody brings one to the table.

                  I’ve edited a copy of the manual borrowed from the Apocalypse scooter Pax posted recently but unfortunately, some of the controller settings differ and I’m struggling to figure them out on my own?

                  If controller settings will be the same for future inventory it’s probably worth a little woodshedding to sort out the minor differences so that Luna can publish a better manual for this amazing little scooter?

                  I’ll work on that this morning and post what I find….

                  Great job Luna on an amazing little scooter and I can’t wait to give it a serious range test soon!


                    Super Scooter Manual (draft, info in bold italics unconfirmed and needs help completing...)

                    v.1 2/9/2017

                    Congratulations on your purchase of the Luna Super Scooter….

                    You will find your scooter a joy to ride and it is safe if ridden properly. But take your time getting acquainted with your new vehicle before operating on the higher power levels.

                    This scooter is sold for race use and private road use only.

                    It has 3 levels of operation… on Level 1 it would be road legal.

                    Important operation notes: (please read all)
                    • This scooter is not a toy...use with caution...for race use/experienced riders only
                    • This scooter needs to be going 2mph before throttle will work...
                    • The led light burns very little power...we recommend to always ride with lights on.
                    • Make sure all quick releases are tight before riding.
                    • This scooter is shipped to you in power level 1… you must change to power level 3 to get full power potential. (only put on power level 3 when at the race track).
                    • How to turn on. A long press on the power button will turn the scooter on.

                    Notes on operation:

                    The Luna Super Scooter has 3 power levels. We recommend that until you are familiar and comfortable with the operation of the scooter, keep it in power level 1. We ship it in power level 1 which is a street legal 700 watt setting. We recommend you get acquainted with your new scooter in level 1 before taking it to the race track.

                    On the display you will see a 1, 2 or a 3 on the right side of the display. 1 is the lowest power level, and 3 is the highest level.

                    For video directions on how to use the dashboard go to the Luna Cycle Youtube channel.

                    To change the power levels use the mode button.

                    Notes on Battery Gauge:

                    The battery gauge is not accurate…. To get an accurate fuel meter you want to have your display set in a display screen that shows you the voltage of the battery.

                    To get into this level tap the mode button on the display until the voltage is displayed in the bottom set of numbers. Fully charged is around 58 volts….. Empty will be around 40 volts but the battery protection may interrupt power anytime while resting voltage of 44-48V.

                    Remember there’s 2 important voltage measurements. One measurement is when a battery is at rest and not powering anything. 2nd measurement is when a load is applied and the working voltage sags lower than at rest.

                    Sometimes the BMS (battery protection system) will shut off the scooter before it is fully discharged (because of voltage sag). The easiest way to get the battery going again is to charge for a few seconds. It is a good idea to carry a charger with you on long trips in case the scooter shut down.

                    Notes on programming display:

                    P0 - Wheel Diameter (10)
                    P1 - Low Voltage Cut Off 120-485 (380)
                    P2 - Motor Pole Pairs 0-14 (13)
                    P3 - Speedometer Set (0)
                    P4 - KMPH=0 / MPH=1 (1)
                    P5 - Kickstart 0=OFF / 1=ON (1)
                    P6 - Cruise Control 0=OFF / 1=ON (0)
                    P7 - Soft Start 0=OFF / 1=ON (0)
                    P8 - Regen Braking 0=OFF / 1=ON (0)
                    P9 - Power Level Setting 0-100 (100)

                    P9 on the Apocalypse model is regenerative braking.

                    P8 regen braking on or off. Regenative braking actually charges the scoooter when slowing down. Its good for reducing wear on brake components. Regen can feel a bit discerning for some riders....

                    P7 Power Start (0 or 1) 0 = soft start..power comes on nice and smooth from dead stop. We ship in this setting and recommend it.

                    P6 cruise control (do not use this function, it is not safe on high power scooter) It’s kinda funky and could get an inexperienced rider into trouble.

                    P5 Kickstart

                    (0 or 1)

                    From a dead stop the scooter requires a kick to 2mph to get it started. We ship with this setting at 1 meaning it only takes a 2mph kick to get it going. Please keep it in this setting or higher…..this powerful scooter is dangerous with no kick start function. Do not put in setting 0.

                    P4 mph or KMPH

                    (Does not work on the super scooter... you are stuck to KPH unfortunately. A work around is change the wheel diamter using setting PO to 6 and your KPH will actually be giving you the mph.

                    P3 speedometer Set

                    Leave it set at 0 or speedometer wont work. Confirmed on Super Scooter.

                    P2 motor pole pairs

                    This is for calibrating the speedometer. We have it set for 13. Since I can’t seem to get MPH to stick and I’m in the new country using MPH, I found 22-23 fools the km/h meter into reading something resembling MPH.

                    P1 Voltage Cut Off

                    Low voltage cut off on the scooter. We like to set this number at 385. Note the battery has its own low voltage cut off. Is this a cell level setting or overall pack voltage setting?

                    Safe Scooter Operation

                    Check tire pressure and overall tire condition before every ride.

                    Check the nuts on top of the shock and make sure they are tight.

                    Learn to stop quickly through practicing emergency stops.

                    Do not ride on power level 3 unless on the race track

                    Bring Allen wrenches for your initial rides in order to adjust the brake lever clamp, switch box, display/throttle and control unit to best fit your ergonomic angles. The sizes needed found on my Super Scooter as of 2/9/2017.

                    Left brake handle clamp is 4 mm Allen

                    Light and horn button clamp is 2.5 mm

                    Throttle and display clamp is 3 mm

                    Hydro brake lever throw adjustment is 2 mm Allen

                    Headlamp adjustment clamp is 4 mm Allen and 8 mm hex bolt

                    Charging your scooter

                    We ship this scooter with the Luna mini advanced charger…..

                    Your scooter has awesome range…. Unless you are planning an extra long ride we recommend you only charge your scooter to 80 percent.This will greatly extend your battery life.

                    If you are going to store your scooter for a long time we recommend you charge to 80 percent first.

                    Charging precautions

                    Charging your scooter is one of the most dangerous parts of operation.

                    Only charge with a charger that is made for this scooter.

                    Do not try to charge a damaged battery.

                    Your scooter contains a giant lithium battery 1200 watt hours.

                    Even though this panasonic battery is relatively safe, all vehicles with large lithium batteries are a potential fire risk and should not be charged inside your house.

                    Pick a good place (prefer outside) to charge your scooter.

                    Do not charge your scooter inside your home or office.

                    Do not charge your scooter unsupervised.

                    Do not leave the charger plugged in overnight unless your scooter is in a fire safe place.


                      Here's a teardown thread for an early drum brake model -


                        Super Scooter Programming / KMH to MPH

                        Ok the super scooter programming is identical to the Apocalypse except for one factor. The KMH and MPH is not changeable and is stuck in KMH.

                        It will not allow you to change to MPH and save it.

                        We have a work around to this. Use setting P0 which is your tire size.

                        Change this from 10 to 6 and now you will have an accurate speedometer in mph (although it will still say KPH no the display.)


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                          Awesome. I've look through the Apocalypse docs and videos and noticed this too. I still can't get my ride out of km/h even though P4 set to 1. Still love the ride, kinda wish I bought a an Apocalypse now (Had a brief lapse of trying to be practical.)

                        Display Programming for the Super Scooter

                        We tested today and this is the confirmed settings menu for the Super Scooter.

                        P0 - Wheel Diameter (10)
                        P1 - Low Voltage Cut Off 120-485 (380)
                        P2 - Motor Pole Pairs 0-14 (13)
                        P3 - Speedometer Set (0)
                        P4 - KMPH=0 / MPH=1 Note this function does not work so you are stuck to KPH
                        P5 - Kickstart 0=OFF / 1=ON (1)
                        P6 - Cruise Control 0=OFF / 1=ON (0)
                        P7 - Soft Start 0=OFF / 1=ON (0)
                        P8 - Regen Braking 0=OFF / 1=ON (0)
                        P9 - Power Level Setting 0-100 (100)


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                          Great info!

                          P1 - Low Voltage Cut Off 120-485 (380)

                          Is that pack voltage or are they surmising cell voltages? A decimal might help, LOL....

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                          380 implies 38.0v, it's just how the screen shows it. Mine only goes up to 43.5v though, not 48.5v.
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                        Great info guys