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    So the shock "nut" under the top of the shock is 1 1/8" a spanner wrench from a grinder works great FYI. Now I just need to find better shocks and light / horn as mine got shorted after turning to hard (shock is warped left hyper extending the wire). Eric Luna if you have a set I'd buy the break pads bigger tire and the whole suspension kit, light /horn in one swoop as I see your shop scooter has bent front forks forward or was that purposely done as a springer style setup?


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      Hi, Everyone...

      Though I've been running enough errands to push my scoot as high as 36+ miles, today, I just got back from a "long distance" road trip. Started at 59.4 volts, ended at 51.0 volts, went exactly 32 miles... Sacramento (CA), where I live, to Roseville (CA), to visit my mother in the care home there. Sound asleep, so I didn't get to show her my "Lude", but it made for an adventure! First stop at where I cooled down, drank some cold water, grabbed a small bottle of Gatorade, and then went on to Bought some "Oralite Reflective Graphic Film" (part #: 103800, desc: Reflective Kit Black)... oh, also dipped into the candy dish there, and had a Hershey's Kiss. From there, continued on to, where I drank my Gatorade and showed off the "strap-on" bottle cage ( I bought there before I even had my scoot. With all these stops done, I went on to the Roseville Care Center ( to visit my mother... who, as I said, was sound asleep.

      Well, next time.......

      On the way home, I first stopped off at for a piece of fish and a side of broccoli, along with another "glass" of ice cold water. Second stop on the way home? Here: Had my usual, their "PB and Banana Protein" smoothie:, with kale and collagen boost. Last stop before home, my best friend's place (31.0 miles on the trip meter)... then the literal "last mile home".

      Surprisingly, not a single tire issue... ahem! Also survived the trip with no one seriously trying to kill me. Though I almost blew a stoplight once (despite my weak rear brake, hauling on both levers brought my speed down to zero "very quickly", and actually did blow a stoplight, on accident, while trying to negotiate a "tricky" intersection "blockade"... light was green just seconds before, didn't have much choice, if I didn't want to stop in a traffic lane. Oh... and yes, just remembered... some idiot driver blew a red light while I was crossing on the green (major intersection just before the freeway). Fortunately, he wasn't going very fast while making his illegal left turn, so I managed to get out of his way after he came to a dead stop in the intersection, a few feet shy of the crosswalk I was in while on the way home. Heh. Also came upon another moron driver (this not very far into the start of my trip) who apparently thought he could enter opposing traffic (wrong side of the street!) in order to cross into the proper lane. Yeah, blocking the bike lane, and I was looking at his headlights. Though they were like his brain... turned off in the daylight.

      Other than that, a very nice trip. Power level set at P2, P8 set at 100%, eco mode engaged, cut-off set at 43.5 volts. Entered "Turbo" mode twice by accident, once deliberately, spent vast majority of my time in dual motor. Very impressive performance, cruised around 20mph (high of 21 at start, low of 18 at end).
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      • Eric Luna
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        sounds like you are really using it properly....its awesome you are enjoying it.

      • Roose Hurro
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        Very much enjoying... still have the headset set screw issue to work out, and the left/rear brake (I'm wondering if it's low on "fluid"), but I've proved it will do what I bought it for. Finding it very enjoyable with P2 at 100%, topping out at 28mph. Nice breeze to keep me cool in the California summer heat, feels secure (though at that speed, the rear brake is more iffy), and with 305.5 miles on the odo, I can see just how many miles I haven't put on my car in the last two months and two days. That's more than a tank of fuel I've saved.

        Edit: Headset Issue Resolved!
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      Oh, on the charger now, thought I'd take a pic:

      Don't mind the background clutter, even over five years later, still haven't found a place for everything, yet. This is the Two Fish Quick Cage, the dangly thing underneath is my hiker's bell (goes with my BubbaStik), and the bike in the background is the rear half of my 2002 Bianchi Milano. Mug needs to be cleaned after my visit to Jamba Juice, so will be doing that after posting this. Yes, I used a flashlight to make everything stand out, given it's night and the lighting isn't fantastic (only two bulbs out of four in the overhead). Enjoy...


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        Hi guys,

        I have logged nearly 500 miles now, 1 flat tire and several cut offs/shut downs, otherwise love it. When I first started riding I had several shut offs and no way to turn back on until reconnected to charger. I have looked under the deck and confirmed my version is v3 with upgraded phase wires. These were not low voltage cut offs, but more likely overheating. After it happened, I took the advice here and did a slow break in. Now I am at nearly 500 miles and many battery cycles so should be broken in/conditioned. I rode in level 3 the other day. after about 20 minutes mostly flat with 2 hills, it shut down and wouldn't restart until reconnected to the charger. Rode home on level 2 and same thing happened on the way home on level 2. Voltage was above 56 when it cut out, so I think it was an overheating issue again. When it happens, even though I carry the charger, there is no place to plug in and I'm pushing until I get to my destination. Love the scooter, but hate that I can't ride even 5 miles without overheating, shut down, and no way to restart. I thought the cut off issue was supposed to be fixed in v3? Any ideas? I know there is an on/off switch that can be purchased and installed, not sure if that would fix it. Hoping to find an answer here!


        • Touch415
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          Man thats suck buddy but something is not right it might be the controller that's given it this issues, but contact support and find out.. I've reach 1500 miles on mine with no issue, i install the on/off switch just in case I hit that low cuttoff at 48v it's a big plus to have in case the scoot shuts off.. note: I've had 3 flats the past 3 weekends which sucks ass,

        • Eric Luna
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          for sure install an on off switch so you can easily reset the bms....try the on off switch... if it doesnt work let me know and i will take care of it.

        • MMA Wiz
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          Eric Luna, Are there any directions or vids that show the switch install?
          This switch?

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        MMA Wiz ...

        Don't have an answer for you, but I'm at 509.3 miles, soon to be more come the morning. When I got my scoot back in May, it was set in Level 1 at 90%... left it that way for the first seven cycles, never letting the volts drop below 52. My "record" so far is 36 miles, with plenty of "juice" left. I believe I was still running in Level 1, though I think it was after I'd upped P8 to 100%. I'm now running in Level 2 at 100%, with no issues. Using more "juice", but that's expected. Hitting a top of 28mph, which I find quite comfortable now. Have been keeping my pinch-collar bolts and shock-tower nuts tightened down... found them both quite loose! Which explained the "rattley" feel when I hit bumps. Still very stiff, suspension-wise, but now feels quite sturdy. Added a CatEye Omni 5 taillight and have a CatEye Volt 1200 on order, also equipped my scoot with a Two Fish strap-on bottle cage (see above pic). Dug my very old college backpack out of storage, and have been using that (slung over the handlebars) to carry stuff. Been several times now from Sacramento to Roseville and back, no issues with the scoot. Does everything I bought it for.

        Wish you'd had a better experience. Hopefully someone else might have advice. All I can give is, contact Luna Cycles, and see if they can help. If you haven't already tried. Given the fact you rode the scoot, had the issues, and only then did the break in... sounds like a cart before the horse issue. Which probably explains why you're having said issues to begin with. But I only speculate. And yes, love it. My car now serves only commute service (don't have a secure place to keep my scoot at work). Everything else transportation related I do with my scoot. Looking forward to the miles ahead.

        Keep the rubber side down!


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          MMA Wiz Man thats suck buddy but something is not right it might be the controller that's given it this issues, it's the weakest part in this scooter, I want to upgrade my controller soon on my scooter, but contact support and find out.. I've reach 1500 miles on mine with no issue, i install the on/off switch just in case I hit that low cuttoff at 48v it's a big plus to have in case the scoot shuts off.. note: I've had 3 flats the past 3 weekends which sucks ass, But I was able to replace them myself I highly recommend adding that green slim it works beauty and gives you that extra mile to get back home ..
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            Just got home an hour ago or so from a 42.6 mile round trip to Rocklin, where I had lunch at my fave coffee shop: ... though my first stop was: Ended up buying a knife: After a lunch of spinach quiche and hibiscus pineapple lychee tea, during which my scoot topped up on its charger, yes, after lunch, had to pass up going to the Roseville Galleria, given it was 5:15 pm, and I wanted to get home before dark. So I simply went on to the Roseville Auto Mall, popped into Roseville Toyota, ended up buying a "Jumbo 6.5" Carabiner" to help secure my grocery bags (last trip, yesterday, broke the handle on one of my bags trying to get loaded bag secured on handle-bars). Heh... didn't plan on buying stuff (other than lunch), but it happened.

            Oh, trip out, ran in Eco Mode/Single-motor. Arrived at Edwin's with 55.3 volts on the meter, after starting out with 59.5 volts. Charged it back up to 59.1 with the charger set at 5 amps. Took about an hour and ten, but yes, faster than at 3 amps. Had all the juice I needed for the Auto Mall... even left there for home on Turbo/Dual-motor and had more than 50 volts left when I got home. Beat the sun! Made it home while it was still twilight/a wee bit before sunset. This makes the longest road trip I've been on so far, beating my previous "record" of exactly 36 miles. If not for using turbo/dual to race the fall of darkness, I could have done the trip all on one charge.

            Edit: Almost forgot, but my first stop was actually at my previous address, since my route took me right past my old neighborhood... very familiar streets! Shame the "old homestead" was vacant.
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              So finally got my battery fixed ,thanks seb! Two days riding and just crossing the street the left front shock completetly sheers off the triple tree! Went for a little cement diving but only at 10km/h. Anyone manage to get ahold of tne or find front shocks that are better? I saw the v4 apocalypse scooter has different shocks and would love to find them if they fit. *warning guys* if your front forks are bent dont ride it the metal is very brittle and may randomly sheer off from the shock causing instant cement diving.


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                Yeah just make sure you check the 2 front bolts on the front shock it tends to come loose once awhile.. so finally switch tires over to the 3" fatty man it's makes a huge difference, and it looks badass


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         These types of scooters will have much smoother, quieter acceleration by switching to sensored pure-sine controllers. The motors are already equipped with hall sensors, they just need to be wired up.

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                    Has anyone replaced bearings yet?

                    I think I have some damage, the handlebars have a bit of rock back and forth on the bearing - I can tighten them up, but then the bearing has tight and smooth spots as I turn it.
                    As it's my primary transport, I am a bit hesitant to open it up and assume I can fix it without any real idea of how the bearing works / what tools will be needed.