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    New luna bike

    I was searching for a new ebike and found luna to be reasonably priced. I saw 2 bikes which I found really cool. Luna ludacris and 5000 carbon mini cyclone. I will be riding my bike for commuting and fun cycling but in the city and it has a limit of 750w. Are these 2 bikes loud? I have heard ludacris is not loud so maybe I can buy high end version and will the street version of ludacris will b good for climbing not too steep hills?
    thank you

    I have a BBSHD running 50 amps. The BBSHDs are not loud at all, and that includes the 50A Ludicris version. Hard to even hear the motor, with tire noise, chain noise, and wind noise. They will climb hills very well, with proper gearing. Heck, they will backflip out from under you, if you aren't careful. Best option available for hills, really. I think you would find them surprisingly capable. Just, far from legal for your stated 750W limit. And, fast enough to make that power obvious, if ridden with vigor.

    Cyclone bikes are louder. I don't have one, but they are not considered 'silent' like the Bafangs. Not so subtle.
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