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Training Wheels Crusher 3 Ludicrous

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    Training Wheels Crusher 3 Ludicrous

    Being of sound mind and body, promised myself no hot rodding outa the shut. 50' to first wheelie. Getting acquainted with da hood yielded 39.6 mph. Bike is awesome.

    I'm 68 entering 3rd childhood and mo Corvette for me, too mundane. More fun trashing cars for at least 10-15' at traffic light. Can't wait till i figure out what the hell have i done now.

    First major act of defiance was to cover my beautiful Brooks seat with a killer Bikerroo gel red seat cover. Brooks still totally visable, which i wanted, but red matches perfectly and gel is more than welcome.

    Longest ride today, and as testament to grit & perseverance, only got hand and elbow scrapes. Don't worry, bike is fine. Operater error, still seaching for DPC-1i code but it remains elusive. Anyway, nack to the point at hand. Charged up, DPC read 58.9, 300 charger read 58.3. The trip lasted 16 miles, usually pedaling from stop and moving up to about 25ish for the majority of the run. DPC returned with 100% charge, which seemed odd but desirable. Switched to voltage and found what may be the answer. The voltage dropped from 58.9 to 57.3, still above the 52V battery.

    If this is the case, reasonable comutes will be very easy on the mind. I have the Luna preferred battery, 52 v, 21 amp, Samsung. Looking forward to faster, longer rides without my training wheels. Big boy now.

    Right on! I am quite jealous of both your bike and your weather.