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    Apollo vs X1

    Is the Apollo that much more of a bike than the X1 to justify the difference in cost? $5500 vs $3700.

    I've had my Apollo for a week now, but rain has kept me to just a few rides. Without having ridden the X-1, I can tell you that the Apollo is really sweet. Assuming you spend the $300 to get the 2K watt motor on the X1, for a $1500 difference you get:
    • 52 volt 1100 wh of battery versus 48 volt 650 wh.
    • Higher torque from the Bafang Ultra motor versus the M600
    • Not sure if the ludicrous X-1 has a throttle or not. Apollo does.
    • Wren fork instead of Rockshox Debonair Yari
    • Wren carbon handlebar versus alloy handlebar
    • SRAM GX vs SX derailleur and cassette (not sure about X-1 ratio - the Apollo is 10-50, which is nice)
    • Larger front chainring (44 tooth) on the Apollo for higher top speed.
    • Maxxis Chronicle tires versus Maxxis Minons.
    • Luna advanced charger on the Apollo - not sure on the X-1
    Advantages for the X1, besides the price:
    • More stealthy, may not be perceived as an eBike to people just seeing you go by
    • Frame comes in 4 sizes, Apollo comes only in Medium-Large (I measured Stack at 24.75" and Reach at 17.25", but that was done pretty crudely)

    Mostly, I think what you're getting with the Apollo is a bicycle lovingly hand built in the USA, where as the X-1s are built overseas and shipped to Luna. The frame of the X-1 appears to be available from other ebike sellers, but Luna's components are better than any other version I could find, and at a better price.

    You're not going to go wrong with the X-1 unless you really need the bigger battery for a longer range.

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      i thought id add my thoughts with the Apollo. this is my 1st E bike and i had no experience with e bikes prier. i had been planning on getting the X1 and was kinda worried about the size of the battery lasting for long rides with lots of steep long hill climbs. i realized the Apollo had 21ah battery compared to the X1 at 13Ah and after adding the upgrades on the X1 the price wasn't that much different. the Apollo may also be about 5 pounds heavier. i pulled the trigger and ordered the Apollo.

      build quality. not bad if looking at a production standpoint. i tried moving and adjusting the cockpit to make it more ergonomic for me and ran in to problems because cables were a little short and couldn't get things adjusted just right. infarct the throttle cable wire broke from the throttle. i found the throttle not really necessary anyway and removed it for now.

      i have had problems with the dropper post. the cable is vary tight threw the frame and makes a tight bend just forward and above the motor as it goes up the bottom tube. the cable was also pinched between the motor and frame mount so i dropped the motor from the frame to be able to get slack and work on the dropper post adjustment. not fun but it works now.

      its a blast! to ride! i have a 32" inseam and its borderline for my stand over, but i manage just fine. to pick it up move it around by hand its heavy. kinda like a small dirt bike. but not as heavy. you don't really notice the weight when riding in tell its time to jump. its definitely harder to throw around then a peddle bike. but i'm getting to old to be jumping anyway.

      again its a blast! kinda like a cross from a dirt bike and a mountain bike I've been on 4 rides 1st ride was 27 miles with over 4500 feet of climbing about 8 miles was road and the rest a mix of single
      track and fire roads. it climbs technical steep single tracks with ruts and roots like a billy goat. i was so impressed. i still had 50 % battery left at the end of the ride.

      the ether 3 rides have been in the demo forest near Santa cruz ca riding the flow trail. 15 mile loops. I've been working on tuning the suspension. i think its a little harder to do because of the weight of the bike. its just about perfect now.

      over all its vary impressive to ride and a lot of fun. lots of torque and I've realized you don't need to run it on high at all. setting 1 2 or 3 works perfect for most situations. it nice to be able to go 20 mph on the last 5 mile hill climb just to get back to the car faster. for most riding i don't need the huge 21ah battery but its nice to have.


        I’m looking at the Bafang M600(X1) vs the ultra(Apollo) on ludicrous modes.
        the ultra is tuned to 2000/2500w peak on the Apollo/apex and the X1 at 2000w.
        If the ludicrous upgrades give me similar torque, constant and peak power with the M600and ultra with the main difference coming down to the battery Specs being different (48v compared to 52v) I’d be crazy not to save weight and get the M600 correct?
        If there haven’t had more failures with one model? I’m trying to see a benefit of the BBSHD or ultra over the M600 with ludicrous upgrade on both motors.

        I was of the impression that a watt is a watt so with the same gearing and battery/controller they should be comparable?


          i'm now the owner of both the Apollo and a second hand X1 that i picked up last week. the Apollo's Motor and battery is so much more impressive. i can easily ride twice the distance and twice the elevation gain. the X1 is a cool bike. but the power delivery is so much better on the Apollo. its so much more fun and capable on the trails i ride. i really love the Apollo. i would compare it to an old Honda XR 650 Big heavy lots of torque and power with a big gas tank. both bikes Geometry and feel of both bikes feel vary similar.


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            i will probably buy a second Apollo if they are ever available and sell the X1

          Thanks for all the reviews. I’m just now getting interested in an e bike. In raced Mt Bikes back in the late 80’s early 90’s in fact still own both Ventana race bikes. Both way under 25 lbs. I’m trying decide on the Apollo or the X-1…..Seems the only difference is the battery size if both have the Ludicrous set up? I also have been riding Motorcycles since I was a young teenager. So I gotta have the twist grip throttle….The Apple has the sexier frame set for sure….especially without that huge battery box.. But reading reviews makes me want to get the Apollo!

          They both seem to weigh 60 lbs right? Man I was such a weight weenie when I raced Mt bikes….I hope IO don’t go into some sorta shock with 60 lbs?? ;-()