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Enduro X-1 (standard) questions

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    Enduro X-1 (standard) questions

    Hi I was wondering if someone who's used the X1 (standard/non-ludicrous) can comment on how well it climbs hills by itself (no pedalling). Can it get up steep hills ok?

    Well yeah that's what it's built for..


      Just fired up my X1 standard and on the first outing it spits out error 14.

      I was in 11 gear (lowest) and doing most of the work myself but it crapped out on level 5 of 9. The ambient temperature was 80 deg F. Is that normal?

      What is the use of having 650 watts of power if one cannot use half of it?

      FYI On the flats on level 9 it cruises at 13.9mph, in 1st gear, using the thumb throttle only (I weigh 180 LBS).


      I'd give the ludicrous some serious consideration. If you're in the lowest gears and jam the thumb throttle, it will literally wheelie on you without even pedaling. You can never have too much power, but you can often have not enough!


        How do you know if ludicrous is enable? (i ordered with the new X1 bike, but is barely faster than my Haibike)


        • paxtana
          paxtana commented
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          The "B" on the motor will be blacked out

          Ludicrous increases torque by the way, not speed. If you want more speed, gear it differently

        • Draconianruler
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          So that is why my B was blacked out. The whole time I thought it just got dirty when it was made or shipped LOL.

        Even the standard X1 has enough juice to climb anything you want it to by itself in the granny gear. But it's really meant to be a pedal-assist emtb, that's where it properly shines. I don't think it would be a good Sur-Ron replacement, and going no-pedal everywhere might create overheating issues and give you terrible range. Ludi might even make that worse. The Sur-Ron is the same price, if the no-pedaling experience is what you're going for, it seems like a no-brainer.

        Despite the spec sheet and the throttle, I'd look at the X1 as a well-specced Class 1 ebike - a Turbo Levo for half the price. It's a fantastic bike in that role. I don't think it would make for a good e-moto-lite.


          The bike was shipped with the compression crank arms installed backwards, left on right, right on left. I’m swapping them but I cant find any torque setting for the pair of compression screws on each crank arm. Can you inquire what the proper torque setting is please?


          • eskachig
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            12-14Nm will do it, just take care not to round out the screws. And recheck again after the first couple of rides. Don't crank down on the aluminum center bolts they're just there to seat the crank arms. Gently tighten them down until they hit their stop point, then tighten the pinch bolts - alternate tightening them on both sides a little at a time.
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          Originally posted by falco View Post
          How do you know if ludicrous is enable? (i ordered with the new X1 bike, but is barely faster than my Haibike)
          "The "B" on the motor will be blacked out"

          Click image for larger version

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