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If you have an X1 Enduro Luna bike, what's your opinion on it? How do you like it?

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    If you have an X1 Enduro Luna bike, what's your opinion on it? How do you like it?

    If you have an X1 Enduro bike, what's your opinion on it? How do you like it?
    I'm planning on buying one, but I'd like some advice.
    Thank you!

    Here are a couple threads you should peruse:

    I just got mine a few weeks ago, and I have fewer than 25 miles on it so far. (Rainy / snowy winter here. Not the best riding conditions on trails right now.) I'm still getting used to it to some degree, and I need to make a few adjustments to it, but so far... I love it! Very fun bike! Happy to answer any specific questions you may have.


      Originally posted by thebootfitter View Post
      Here are a couple threads you should peruse:

      I just got mine a few weeks ago, and I have fewer than 25 miles on it so far. (Rainy / snowy winter here. Not the best riding conditions on trails right now.) I'm still getting used to it to some degree, and I need to make a few adjustments to it, but so far... I love it! Very fun bike! Happy to answer any specific questions you may have.
      Thanks you for the links!


        I just got mine today. No damage to box or bike! Took about 10 mi it’s to go through everything and put it together once I got all the packing out. The light was a pain to put on. Took it for a quick 2 mile loop. Wow! This thing is awesome. Already have carbon wheels ordered. Need to take some quick measurements and get those off to see if Rohloff will sign off on an A12 hub for me. This thing is great! Need to add a little air to the rear shock. Everything else is on point! Ran up some dirt trails by my house and never went above level 3. Even uphill through the mud. This thing is awesome. It’s a little heavy. But this is my first Ebike. I’m already planning on a serious 15 mile ride with lots of vertical. So fun!!! I did buy the 40 tooth front sprocket. I’ll put that on tomorrow. And need to adjust the dropper so it stays up. Even with the dropper going down I had a blast. So glad I bought it.


          i thought id add my thoughts with the Apollo. this is my 1st E bike and i had no experience with e bikes prier. i had been planning on getting the X1 and was kinda worried about the size of the battery lasting for long rides with lots of steep long hill climbs. i realized the Apollo had 21ah battery compared to the X1 at 13Ah and after adding the upgrades on the X1 the price wasn't that much different. the Apollo may also be about 5 pounds heavier. i pulled the trigger and ordered the Apollo.

          build quality. not bad if looking at a production standpoint. i tried moving and adjusting the cockpit to make it more ergonomic for me and ran in to problems because cables were a little short and couldn't get things adjusted just right. infarct the throttle cable wire broke from the throttle. i found the throttle not really necessary anyway and removed it for now.

          i have had problems with the dropper post. the cable is vary tight threw the frame and makes a tight bend just forward and above the motor as it goes up the bottom tube. the cable was also pinched between the motor and frame mount so i dropped the motor from the frame to be able to get slack and work on the dropper post adjustment. not fun but it works now.

          its a blast! to ride! i have a 32" inseam and its borderline for my stand over, but i manage just fine. to pick it up move it around by hand its heavy. kinda like a small dirt bike. but not as heavy. you don't really notice the weight when riding in tell its time to jump. its definitely harder to throw around then a peddle bike. but i'm getting to old to be jumping anyway.

          again its a blast! kinda like a cross from a dirt bike and a mountain bike I've been on 4 rides 1st ride was 27 miles with over 4500 feet of climbing about 8 miles was road and the rest a mix of single
          track and fire roads. it climbs technical steep single tracks with ruts and roots like a billy goat. i was so impressed. i still had 50 % battery left at the end of the ride.

          the ether 3 rides have been in the demo forest near Santa cruz ca riding the flow trail. 15 mile loops. I've been working on tuning the suspension. i think its a little harder to do because of the weight of the bike. its just about perfect now.

          over all its vary impressive to ride and a lot of fun. lots of torque and I've realized you don't need to run it on high at all. setting 1 2 or 3 works perfect for most situations. it nice to be able to go 20 mph on the last 5 mile hill climb just to get back to the car faster. for most riding i don't need the huge 21ah battery but its nice to have.


            I had a bit of an issue last night with the key on the battery on my X1. The bolt that locks the battery on would not extend. The key tumbler felt like it was broken. It would turn with no resistance. It was an easy fix. With the battery out and the bike upside down I took off the small plastic cover on the frame where the bolt locks the battery. Word to the wise, do not take out the 2 Phillips screws. Just take out the 3 Allen screws. The Phillips screws hold the lock assembly to the plastic piece. I took them out and dropped the tumbler down the frame. Luckily it was easy to fish out. Anyway I took out the internal set screw and pulled the tumbler. Then I used pliers to gently pull the bolt of the lock up. It is spring loaded I think and it popped up easily. Then I just oriented the tumbler correctly with the little post down and it all worked fine. I put the set screw back that holds the tumbler in place and put the plastic back with the Allen screws. Easy fix. Sorry no pics.


              The Luna X1 is completely awesome! I have been a Specialized product believer for the last 15 year. My previous Specialized bikes have never let me down. Turning the page and wanting an EMB, I was torn between purchasing Turbo Levo and the Luna X1. After tons of research and financial comparisons, I decided to go with the X1 due to the specs of the components, tires, battery and especially the motor. I had the X1 for a week now and its more impressive than I ever expected. I know i made the correct choice after putting the X1 to numerous tests in the wood and on the streets. The X1 killed it jumping things and powering through the uphills! I loved this bike so much and loved the support I received from Luna that i just purchased a second X1 today. I would give 6 starts if i could!!!!!
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                Hey guys!

                Just finished my second ride (first proper one) on the Luna!

                Background (so you can calibrate):
                • I come from a 2014 XL Canyon Spectral AL 29, am ~100kg, 191cm. This is my first ebike.
                • I like to ride a variety of stuff and my go to play ground is the Santa Cruz area :)
                • I got the size L Ludicrus Silent Luna - size is jsut right (Im usually between L and XL, my XL canyon is a tad large for downhill but great for climbs and Luna vice versa)

                • I feel like the brakes are bit squishy, I'm used to a lot more bite...I really had to pull hard on some of the more aggresive decents, to the point I was thinking about it - which isnt what you want to be doing at that point :)
                • The dropper doesnt drop enough for me, and without a quick release it is a bit annoying. I'll be replacing this. Also, I drop and raise the saddle A LOT and the drop button doesnt work well for me - I cant find a place that my thumb can comfortably press it repeatidly. Other than that the dropper works really well.
                • It feel super solid. I love the 2.8 tires and the ones Luna chose are my tires of choice - yey! The wheels/rims feel super heavy but also super solid. Might think about replacing them with some carbon ones in the longer term. I especially notice the weight loading the bike in and out of the truck!
                • Ground clearance is lower than what I am used to. a 29er front would be epic and probably help. But I dont have cash to burn so I wont be replacing the front fork/rim/tire. I really need to think more about my pedal placement.
                • The range is just right! On my longer pre-electric rides I would often do ~800-900m climbs over 30-35km of mixed up/down hill single track..and I would be done. I don't need to ride more than this. This morning the ride was 600m elevation gain over 32km and when I was done the battery was still at 60%. I most rode with assist 3/9 and on the final climb some 4/9 - which I feel is more than sufficient! The 5/9 setting is silly (and fun).
                • Assembly was east.
                • The frame was chipped by the battery box (minor but noticable).
                • Noise is what I expect from an ebike - present but not bothering at all.
                • The throttle is fun. I thought I would take it off but sometimes I am happy to have it.
                Overall, for the value - fantastic bike and I highly recommend it :)


                  My X1 Review:
                  I am now up to 100 miles in a few weeks on this bike. There is a lot to love about it. It rides super well and feels lighter than 55lbs. It feels playful and fun on single track up hills and downhills its planted, controlled and very stable. It has a great smooth ride (though I will be upgrading to a real rear shock at some point). The bike is not wheelie prone and the big wide + tires roll over everything and give you a really great control feeling. I ordered with the 860 display. I cannot for the life of me tell a difference between the sport and eco mode and I changed from the 1-5 to 1-9 PAS levels. I found that 3-5 in PAS is where I live. I like to do big vert (2-5000 feet) of climbing with 20-40 miles of distance. I have not had a chance to do my favorite loops yet due to weather, but I did 2000 feet and 15 miles and took roughly 30% of battery. Should be good for the loops I want to do and the bike is a single track slayer so I highly recommend it if you like to ride dirt. If you ride roads, this bike isnt for you. The motor even in the 750w config is plenty powerful and with the silent gear is hardly noticeable to others. You cannot beat the power/value ratio in the X1 package. You could maybe save a few hundy ordering the frame/motor yourself and all the components building on your own, but time/cost/value the x1 is pretty much unbeatable.

                  Upgrades I recommend upon purchase:
                  • Real Dropper post. Id pay an extra $100 upfront to get a quality dropper post. The one it comes with is garbage, sticks, no comfy thumb position. Sell it for $100 and get a quality one for $100 more.
                  • Saddle. WTB Deva is a womans specific saddle and is extremely uncomfortable for men. Plan on upgrading this right away.
                  • MTXbraking Gold label brake pads. Night and day better performance and you wont burn through pads in one ride trying to stop the bike on those steep rocky descents you pedaled up. %20 off right now as well.
                  • Cranks. The cranks are heavy steel garbage at 170mm + way too much extra length beyond the pedal with constant pedal strikes even after putting extra 100PSI in rear shock. Sadly, the spline is not square and not ISIS and nobody is making cranks since its propriatary spline to bafang. Not sure what to do, so I live with the pedal strikes.
                  Overall I give this bike 5/5. Its an incredible deal and so much fun. Thank you Luna for mass producing these and getting them out there.


                    I purchased Two Luna X1 Enduro bikes, one for myself and my girlfriend. The bike looks fantastic, and I believe it is a great value. I have put just over 50 miles (about a week) on the bike and have only taken it on roads as I am recovering from left AC reconstruction surgery. The 50 miles have been on a single charge, involved approximately 5500 to 6000 ft of elevation gain, and I have about 13% battery left. The bike drops power significantly below about 25% and again below 15%. Level 3, which seems to be more than enough power, loses quite a bit of oomph at the aforementioned battery levels. I have only used four and five initially just to test to see if they work, way more power than you need (however, I have not ridden ant trails yet). I have not used the throttle, I have no need for this. I weigh about 173lb and my girlfriend 125lb. My girlfriend is currently on 88% battery 30+ miles on the initial charge and has climbed approximately 3500 feet during those 30 miles. Safe to say there is plenty of range on these bikes. I had one minor issue and one major issue. Dropper seat would not stay up, watched the video where the guy adjusts cable and that seems to have fixed the problem. Now for the significant issue. Today on a road ride, my rear derailleur snapped right off the bike. I was riding along the road, low gear right cadence, and it just snapped. I think it must have a defect, chain became lodged in derailleur wheels too, and left me stranded in the pouring rain, 7 miles from my house. I am waiting to hear back from Luna about this issue. I wonder if the rear derailleur should be more robust; however, it could have been merely a manufacturer's defect. I hope to get the matter resolved soon, as I was really enjoying the riding, and it been great rehab for my shoulder. I will keep you all posted.


                      Well, I joined the club! I am pretty sure that this is off topic a bit, but I have not found much in the way of posts for new bike owners (which will not be until August for me).
                      Just placed my order for a Size M with silent drive and upgraded display. Been sitting on the fence for the longest time, as I am -or was, concerned that I needed to spend upwards of $5K in order to gain entrance into the e-mtb world with a respectable name brand.
                      Anyway, just following for now...likely heading towards Carbon wheels, and longer dropper (need to see what the stock one is like first)...and really hope that I might be able to find some 160mm cranks at some point.


                        Welcome to the club!

                        I upgraded to a 175mm PNW Components Bachelor Dropper, swapped it out and kept he original cabling. 200mm was out of stock but 175 is actually perfectly sufficient :)

                        My strongest advice to you:

                        Take off all the nuts and bolts, add more loctite, and keep them torqued to spec.
                        • The cranks! The cover on them fell off mine while riding and is now gone. Now my crank attempts to fall out all the time, I keep an eye on it. Luna mentioned they might send me a new one when they have some spares. Awesome!
                        • Rear axel - mine literally came very loose while riding...luckily I noticed it before it was too late.
                        • Upper suspension pivot - despite torquing it before my ride, it almost fell out. My friend spotted it sticking out. Added loctite, torqued, not moved since.
                        • Lower/rear suspension pivot - also re-torqued to spec - left nut fell out while riding - now it is gone and I have no idea how to replace it. Looking at the nut it had almost no loctite applied to it. I inspected the opposite side which stayed put, that had a nice amount of loctite and was in there nice and soldily. Not so awesome.
                        All of the above in the first 10 rides or so.
                        Now my bike is sitting in my garage and not rideable. No bike shop knows how to replace the part. I guess thats what you get for ordering a Chinese/specific/non-local bike frame. I guess I hoped that ordering through Luna there is at least a 'local' shop/contact to help out and support for these sort of events. Luna mentioned I might need to source that part myself...currently in email exchange.
                        I dont mind paying for replacements as long as they are available.

                        So yeah - double check that loctite has been adequately applied...keep an eye out on those pivots.

                        Here is the missing nut, note it is shaped specifically to fit into a recess in the frame:
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	nut1.jpg
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                        Here is where it should be:
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	nut4.jpg
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ID:	109297

                        Here is the other side (not missing):
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	nut3.jpg
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                        More zoomed out version for context:
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	nut2.jpg
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                        • justalittlemoreground
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                          Thanks for posting! I had been checking my X1 bolts, but stopped after about 6 weeks, and never added loctite (that's now been added to the list). After reading your post, I looked the other day and I have the same missing nut on the drive side of the rear suspension pivot. I don't see how to post a photo or I'd post my own pic showing the same missing nut on the drive side. I contacted Luna asking for a replacement nut and am waiting to hear back.

                        Originally posted by UltiCOW View Post
                        Now my bike is sitting in my garage and not rideable. No bike shop knows how to replace the part. I guess thats what you get for ordering a Chinese/specific/non-local bike frame. I guess I hoped that ordering through Luna there is at least a 'local' shop/contact to help out and support for these sort of events. Luna mentioned I might need to source that part myself...currently in email exchange.
                        Luna mentioned they will ship the parts! Nice to know their support is available:)


                          That is concerning that local shops could not find parts to help you out. I get that it is Chinese, but so are 90% of the bikes in your local bike shop...I wonder if you could have used something else?


                          • UltiCOW
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                            Maybe? Went to 3 bike shops and lowes/home depot and none of them had a bolt that would fit.
                            I've been in contact with dengfu and they would sell a bolt and nut for $10 + $23-53 in shipping. So $64 to have it in 5-10 days or 33 to have it in 1-2months (my previous experience shipping stuff from China).

                          I'll echo UltiCOW's experience. On my first weekend riding my new X1 (in June) my crank arm fell out, notwithstanding me having tightened everything beforehand (admittedly w/o loctite). Has anyone else had this issue too?

                          The X1 was INCREDIBLE for the few days I got to use it, but sadly mine has also been stuck in the garage unrideable since the crank arm fallout.

                          After emailing Luna support, Tony responded that they could send me a new crank arm bolt (have to live with the now banged up crank arm), but that delivery timing was still TBD/unknown. That on was 6/30, though I haven't heard anything since.