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If you have an X1 Enduro Luna bike, what's your opinion on it? How do you like it?

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    Also luna updated the front sprocket to a 38t


      Originally posted by phatty View Post

      I actually really like the forks on this bike, im not sending it, but I do hit the occasional table.
      I upgraded to coil shock first thing. Might be the best upgrade on the bike. Such a difference.

      This bike needs 155mm cranks, 160 maximum.
      Hey there!! Thanks for your post. Would you mind sharing what coil shock you put on it? What are your pros and did you have to tune it or did it come custom tuned to you?


      • phatty
        phatty commented
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        Rockshock vivid r2c with 550lb spring

      You got your bike ? Sweet . Did you know it was coming ? I am due this shipment as well, but no notification as of yet .
      So you are saying that the bike shipped with a 38 tooth sprocket? Or you ordered a 38,and they installed it?
      I can't wait to get mine...


      • mw195
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        Just figures. I ordered a 38 tooth more than a month ago after placing my order for the bike, and a new chain so that I would be able to swap it out upon arrival. The good news is that I now have a replacement chain and front sprocket for when it is needed, plus I do not have to toss a perfectly new chain in the bin.But man, this wait is killing me.I ordered this bike the first day that I noticed a new pre-order went up, so I thought that I might be one of the early deliveries. But I am thinking that perhaps the silent gear is the hold up...but it would seem to me that most bikes are being ordered with the peek gear, which would justify shipping from the factory with it installed.
        I wonder if the end of September deliveries are going to mimic this shipment...meaning a month plus behind. Thankfully, I have a 29r that I am still able to ride, as well as my Surron -though I find that I am riding the MTB much more frequently than the Surron right now.

      • eskachig
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        Hahaha I also have a 38t sitting waiting for the bike (cross my fingers should get here tomorrow).

      • mw195
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        I still have no shipping notification...although I did get the email telling me that the bikes have arrived, and explaining the order in which they will be going out. I thought that I should be getting a notification by now. Oh well,..good luck with yours, and keep the updates coming so that I might live vicariously in the meantime through the updates and findings of others...

      Update i received my August preorder which I did as soon as it was up. My bike is large ludicrous steel gears i think I received mine earlier due to the gear. I also have an extra front sprocket now lol 38t is perfect full battery up hill at 25-30mph and I'm 260 lbs. My bike didn't come with a tool kit but I was pleasantly surprised by an email from luna saying one is on its way. Already bunny hopping after a 22 year hiatus from mtb. Loving this bike!


      • NorCalWil
        NorCalWil commented
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        Congrats! When did you order your bike? I ordered mine, early July and I've still not heard any word when I'll get my X-1 with Silent Gear and Ludi. The wait is killing me. Can't wait to get riding!

      My Large Ludicrous SIient gear X1 is being delivered today...Fed Ex called me on Wednesday. I ordered my bike back in early July so I am sure they are going out by how the orders were placed. Looking forward to getting this thing together!!

      Edit: Fed Ex just called and said it will be delivered on Monday now....argh!!
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        That is great news that bikes are starting to arrive. I placed my order on 7/8, so am hoping that I am coming up soon...but no email notification yet.
        My bike is a standard with PEEK gear and 860 display, and to say that I am anxious would be an understatement. I already have carbon bars on the way, and even have a backup chain as I pre-purchased a 38t sprocket. I have been riding my GT sensor in anticipation of the X1 arrival (to hold me over) and on my last ride snapped the chain yesterday (it is a 10s so I cant use the spare).

        I have also been searching the chinese sites for carbon rims -obviously not out of necessity, but I have been holding off as I want to ride the bike first to see what I like and do not like as I am strongly considering a mullet setup, so if new forks are in the bike's future, I want to order the right parts...


        • NorCalWil
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          I'm also waiting for my X-1. Which handlebars did you end up ordering?

        I've had mine for about a week now. Overall LOVE the bike. I have four ebikes now with this being my most expensive and best one. My random thoughts:
        • Shipping took forever (5days) just up to the bay area but I guess that's more the COVID and FedEx issues.
        • Bike is bigger than I expected. I got a MED frame and I'm 5'7" with no shoes.
        • As mentioned it now comes with a 38 tooth front sprocket. I bought a 40T in preparation but now I have a spare set.
        • As mentioned the 12th gear is no longer locked out.
        • I think my speedo is off. I need to look at it closer but seems to be reading faster (or I'm on km/hr LOL).
        • Noise isn't bad. Definately the loudest of my ebikes BUT isn't bad. I was thinking of getting the silent gear but I think I'm going to hold off because the sound doesn't bother me.
        • Ludicrous mode is too powerful on tight switchbacks but I also need to improve my riding skills. Can kick in suddenly.
        • All screws were torqued correctly when I received the bike.
        • I didn't get my tool kit (Luna is sending one) and they don't come with bottles or shirts anymore :(
        • Had to air up the shocks since they were pretty low and to properly set the sag.
        • Changed to tubeless almost immediately. The tires were actually pretty hard to break off the bead of the tire from the rim. I think they used some kind of glue.
        • Handlebar is 800mm so cut that down.
        • Changed to the shorter crank arms, I think I like it better.
        • Changed the seat because I'm too old for the hard stock seat.
        • I am going to change the display when the larger Luna colored ones are back in stock but I'm actually digging the discrete stock display.
        Anyways, the wait was well worth it. I am thinking getting another one for my son when he gets better at riding. Click image for larger version  Name:	Luna x1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	128.3 KB ID:	113625
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        • Desmodromic
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          Sorry, one other question - When you converted to tubeless, you did the tape/sealant thing I assume?

        • Draconianruler
          Draconianruler commented
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          The crank arms are a little short but better than the longer ones for me. I think if you have long legs its better to keep the original ones. I did feel the long ones were going to do a lot of pedal strikes but never got around to actually riding with them on the trails.

          Tubeless conversion used Gorilla tape and Stan's sealant with some tubeless valves. Worked like a charm and had no small leaks. I do have an air compressor so that helps.

        • Kindiftall
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          Do you want to unload that stock seat?

        Nice review! That is awesome they come with a 38 tooth now....I also have a spare 38 and chain, lol. I am soooo looking forward to getting mine Monday. Question, what state of charge is the battery in when you get it and how long to charge it?


        • Draconianruler
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          The battery was probably 80-90%. I did charge it for several hours to full and help balance the cells when I received it before riding.

        Many thanks to the folks giving updates on the latest batch of bikes. While waiting for mine I had bought a 38T but will keep as a spare, no sweat. I do have some carbon bars inbound as 800mm is too wide for me. I wanted to order a wheelset and a couple other items but given the varying performance people are seeing between PAS that works like it should vs. the "too much or not enough" thing, I'm going to hold off. Hoping the bike that arrives here has proper PAS step function of performance between levels.


          Originally posted by Desmodromic View Post
          .... I wanted to order a wheelset and a couple other items but given the varying performance people are seeing between PAS that works like it should vs. the "too much or not enough" thing, I'm going to hold off. ...
          Truthfully, holding off until you get first hand experience is probably a wise decision. The larger chain ring seemed to be almost a universal upgrade, but most everything else is highly subject to each individual rider. Consider we have the full spectrum of opinions from saying level 1 of 9 PAS on a 750W bike is 'too much' to saying level 5 of 5 or 9 of 9 on a 2kW ludi is 'not enough'.

          The bars do seem pretty wide on paper, but it is also a relatively massive front wheel and suspension. So depending on your personal preference you may want them a little wider than normal to keep overall effort roughly the same as smaller/lighter bikes. Plus you can always cut them down... much harder to widen them!


            I created a Facebook group so its easier to find info/ask questions its called. Luna x1 riders


              Originally posted by Talltex View Post
              I created a Facebook group so its easier to find info/ask questions its called. Luna x1 riders
              Cool I sent a join request.


                Originally posted by CRFan250 View Post

                Cool I sent a join request.
                I did as well!


                  To whom it may concern.

                  I have used my bike (Luna X1 standard) extensively since I received it in late June.

                  It is a great bike in general but of course, the devil is in the details.

                  When I got the bike it had a bad controller and overheated and was stuck in the lower power assist mode. A long story there but in short Luna replaced the motor and I was off to the races.

                  Since then I have put it through its paces. Put it in 1st gear and if you can keep it from looping by keeping your weight on it, it will take you up anything you can keep traction on. It saved my ass on hills that became impossible to continue down on and the only way out was back up.

                  The frame has held up very well with its normal plastic creaking noises,

                  The rear shock is a bit leaky and does not hold air for more than a few rides. Maybe that is normal after 400 miles?

                  I am probably responsible for blowing up the derailleur. A stick got caught in it and turned it into a pretzel.

                  The display was dangling off the handlebars the other day and I did not abuse it. The attachment portion was its downfall. It should have had at least twice as much material used to attach it. Click image for larger version

Name:	20200901_151754.jpg
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ID:	114083

                  As far as maintenance goes, they REALLY need to manage expectations with a user manual. even if it is a bunch of links to the component instructions and say read this. Things that I thought were rivets were threaded and loosened on the drive sprocket Click image for larger version

Name:	20200914_194236.jpg
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Size:	1.94 MB
ID:	114082 and are lost. If they could show me where I could have or should have known that I would be interested to see that.


                    I got my X-1, so far it's great. Tested with no power while charging.

                    Looks like I got a good set of Fingerprints from somebody all over the LUNA logo.
                    And they don't come off! I have a permanent set of prints on my bike to remind
                    me of all the hard work and dirty fingers that touched my bike.

                    I got the small frame size, but I'm having trouble getting the dropper seat adjusted high enough.
                    When I pull it up it unlocks and won't lock at all, even when putting it back to the lowest position.

                    Do I need a longer cable?
                    Should I have gotten a medium frame?