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If you have an X1 Enduro Luna bike, what's your opinion on it? How do you like it?

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    I'm with 2wheelsanything....For the price, you get a bike delivered for WAY less than any other brand's entry level bikes. And while the components on the X1 are pretty much entry level, from what I have seen, the bike is perfectly fine for 98% of those riding it. For truly bombing the downhills, you are probably better off with aluminum framed bikes anyway But, for MC enthusiasts (which I fall under) this bike is a great base to start riding right away, and upgrade as you wear out components. You dont NEED to upgrade to a bigger fork, but you can. You do not need bigger brakes, but they are there if you want them and can appreciate the difference (I am currently running Code RSC and love em along with 203 floating Hopes...)
    I will agree that I find it difficult to believe that this dropper works for anyone, so am 100% in agreement that the dropper for this bike is all wrong, but again, there is no one dropper that is perfect for everyone, and in my opinion, only a low percentage of riders will ever be wanting a better (longer drop) post...Yes, I was one of them.
    But just like my motorcycles, I love setting them up for me, and the MTB is the exact same thing, only much less expensive while doing so.
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      So far? POS. Motor cuts out just when you need it. No trouble shooting assistance from tech support or available documentation. Poor replacement part availability. Mine is unusable.


        We may have to compare notes on this 'motor cut out' issue. I am in the same 'unusable' camp as of last week.

        The first time I noticed a cut out was going out last December to look at Christmas lights. I'd let the battery get down to ~25% and pedaling+assist 5 up a moderate hill, zap! Everything just went dead. I rode full manual for the trek back home. Chalked it up to just letting the battery get too low.

        Dozens more rides went fine. Then at some point early spring, it happened again... sort of the same thing...battery was around 35-38%, pedaling up a hill, PAS 5, zap - suddenly no power. I found that by pulling the battery, waiting a minute or so, re-installing, I could get the system to 'reset' and regain power. though would get zapped again and everything would shut down if I tried to draw too much power.

        Hummm.... well maybe the bike doesn't handle lots of assist on low charges. I've always worked to keep the battery in the 40-80% range, but hadn't dreamed these slight excursions would cause the power cut-out.

        So trying to manage battery better, I got in dozens more rides, then suddenly ZAP! happened again. This time I was ~56% battery and only riding PAS3. Hummm....maybe the battery needs a good equalization, so on the charger for a full 100% overnight charge / equalize. Back on the bike things are good until yet again...ZAP! no power... this time the battery was showing 76% and PAS3!

        Something definitely going on and getting worse...but I don't know what. Each time I get the bike back home, I check the battery voltage and it's right in line with a decently charged battery. So last week I was out again. Left the house with ~86% charge and within 5 minutes - zap, dead again! Got back to the house to check battery voltage but this time its hovering between ~0.7 and 2V. I waited a bit thinking maybe there is some sort of thermal or timer cut-out, even though no point on the battery was even warm to the touch (I barely rode 5 minutes at PAS3). But overnight the battery still showed 0.7-2V. I also noted there was a 'burning electronics' smell coming from the battery controller.

        So at some point when I get time, looks like I'll be opening some shrink wrap to get at the controller and see what I can see!

        Anyway, that is my experience with the motor /power cutting out. Guess if yours is similar, keep an eye on the thread for additional updates.


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          Have you considered that it may not be the batter at all but the temperature of the motor. I had one where the controller didn't manage the usage well and it overheated easily, Try putting some water on the cooling fins and see it it starts up..

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          Thanks for the suggestion/input. The thought did cross my mind and i haven't put a lot of temperature data in my posts. But the first several instances were in the Dec/Jan/Feb timeframe...air temps of 30's/40's/50's. Some of the later occurrences were after riding only a few minutes in 60-70F weather. I was also under the impression an 'overtemp' issue would cut power to the motor and record an error on the (still functional) display. This is more of a 'completely dead' power cut - as if the battery just fell out of the bike. Some additional troubleshooting seems to be pointing to the BMS - hope to post more on that later.

        I've had my X1 for about 6 or 7 months now. I freaking LOVE this thing. I'm not a small guy. (6'1" and 235lbs) I live up in the hills of So. Calif. and get to enjoy my bike at a moments notice. It has never let me down! Of course, you need to know how to keep the motor spinning and not use too high a gear at the wrong time. I like to think of it as one of my old 2 stroke motorcycles from the 70's or 80's. Keep the revs up and stay on the pipe! Like I said, I'm a fairly big guy and I ride up some steep hills. The motor just keeps humming along if you use it properly. The other "must do" is maintenance! Keep everything clean and properly adjusted. Otherwise, you'll pay the price regardless of which bike you own. Well made e-bikes like the Luna X1 ain't cheap. However, if you pay attention to what your doing and consistently do the required upkeep, you'll have the time of your life on a high performance e-bike that doesn't break down! Not to mention, all that extra power can get you out of many tight spots. I don't use the extra power real often but when I need it... it sure is nice to give a little squirt to avoid a problem situation!!! All in all, when you look closely at whet you get for your money, no other bike even comes close. Thanks Eric!!!


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          hahaha, EXACTLY!!! different than a 2t...tuning carbs with proper jetting and oil/fueling ratios.
          kinda get the sense a number of X1 issues are probably self-inflicted, ridden with poor maintenance and bad throttle/shifting/gearing use.

          bottom line, these bikes in general (all ebikes) ARE NOT unbox and EXPECT everything to be perfect....
          then we see the whining and b*tching/complaints.
          this is a new era of transportation tech, so there's going be a lot of trial and error requiring decent mechanical and electrical skills.
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