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If you have an X1 Enduro Luna bike, what's your opinion on it? How do you like it?

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  • eskachig
    commented on 's reply
    I have the standard bike - went from Luna's 14.5 firmware to Bafang's 14.6.

  • mw195
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    Asking for a friend...Do you have a standard bike or Lud?
    I just got my replacement motor, and it most definitely has a different firmware on it, but Luna indicated it was for the standard motors, not for Ludi. Which is odd, but that is what they said. This new fw is fantastic. PAS1 and 2 are actually useable now.

  • eskachig
    I finally got around to flashing my X1 with Bafang's stock firmware, and it makes the bike highly usable at lower PAS settings - finally a true competitor to big brand enduro emtbs, but at half the price. Couldn't be happier.

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  • Sierra Luna
    Here is what I have come up with so far to carry water on a 1-2 hour ride. A runners bottle intended for a belt or a 8 oz flask from Bass Pro Shops that fits in a fanny pack.
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  • K442
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    I have been pondering the mounting, too. Guess it is going to come down to what bags you already have and personal preference. There are a lot of options out there.

    I was thinking of saving the long top tube of the frame to mount a water bottle. Seems like the most convenient spot, though would have to test it out to see if there is any knee/thigh interference when pedaling. I have a topeak combo bike tool that mounts perfectly under the handlebar riser for easy access to the tool. Have a 'fanny pack' type bag that mounts under the seat to carry a tube, patches, extra chain link, some zip ties, duct tape, etc. Have a skinny bag that mounts the long/thin way on the top tube - works well for carrying a cell phone in easy reach. Also have a handlebar bag that mounts the wide way on the front handlebar...think of the same way a number plate on an old dirt bike would mount. It can carry a ton of stuff, but can add notable weight to the steering, too. Not that you'd notice that much on the X1!

    But overall, lots of options out there to mix and match for what ever you want to carry on a given ride.

    I don't take all this stuff all the time, and I do actually wear a camelbak most of the time so that has even more storage.
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  • Sierra Luna
    I received my new Luna X1 in a medium back in August. I am quite happy with it overall. I have been out about 10 times on 1-2 hour rides.

    Here are my thoughts and findings:
    The rear shock pivot screw was backing out. I greased the bolt and applied thread lock to the thread. No more trouble there. After reading above posts, I will be looking at all the hardware.
    The rear shock is a pretty basic as it has been pointed out and could be improved. The bars are too flat for my preference, but easily fixed with new ones later on. I replaced the pedals straight away along with the hard seat and I have a new chain and a 40T chain ring in the parts bin. I have been riding BMX and 26" hard tail MTB for over 40 years. So this is my 1st full suspension and EMTB. After riding a few other brands at local bike shops (several at double the cost), I decided the 29ers and large frames were too big for me. I liked the Santa Cruz with 27.5 but the price was about 2x the Luna.
    Other factors to purchase. Easy to remove battery that is integrated into the frame.
    Overall riding impressions:
    Power mode 1, 3 and 5 are enough. I leave it on 3 usually. Really like the thumb throttle for tight spots.
    Seems to plow through rock gardens and over rough terrain very well. Brakes are very adequate and the tires grip so well, the bike corners like on rails even in flat corners
    I went to a bike park and practiced some table tops and double jumps on the flow trail. The bike jumps well, although the extra weight makes it a bit different to maneuver in the air.
    I love being able to plow through sandy sections and up hills when the trail requires. Looking forward to some long downhill runs in American River Canyon in the spring of 2021.
    Before I do:
    I am trying to figure out how to mount spare inner tube and tools on the frame. A water bottle any kind would be nice as well, since I do not like to wear a Camel Bak on every ride.
    Here is what I am thinking.... Strap the tools/ inner tube into the frame just in front of the rear shock in the frame triangle behind the head set. or find a plastic flask, I can fill with water and mount in
    the same place. Has anybody out there figured out a way to mount a water bottle? Please share your ideas!

    Click image for larger version

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  • Desmodromic
    commented on 's reply
    Luna recently offered a small number of spare batteries in the sales area of their site. I managed to grab one but apparently they sold out quickly. I requested to be added to an email list but I think the trigger for me was an "in stock notification" email I received. Looks like you can sign up for it directly on the page for the battery:

  • Mtb4life05
    Anyone know where you can get a replacement battery for the X1
    Luna cycles is no help after the sale and not very knowledgeable about the bike itself

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  • Mtb4life05
    commented on 's reply
    Tried 29er on rear of mine but does not fit. I run it mullet style with 29x2.8 or 3.0 up front at times

  • Bazza
    Got mine 2 weeks ago. Definitely comes with 38 tooth but I think it’s steel, very heavy compared to a snail. No need for longer bolts on the spider either. Mine also does not have the bottom gear locked out. Chain is 124 link I believe. Looks like they addressed most of the complaints logged previously.

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  • UCR1
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    Just barely received my X1, came with a 38T

  • jearlmail
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    I already have the 210 length shock. Offerings on the DHX2 are pretty limited.

  • Erikpra
    Originally posted by Draconianruler View Post
    I've had mine for about a week now. Overall LOVE the bike. I have four ebikes now with this being my most expensive and best one. My random thoughts:
    • Shipping took forever (5days) just up to the bay area but I guess that's more the COVID and FedEx issues.
    • Bike is bigger than I expected. I got a MED frame and I'm 5'7" with no shoes.
    • As mentioned it now comes with a 38 tooth front sprocket. I bought a 40T in preparation but now I have a spare set.
    • As mentioned the 12th gear is no longer locked out.
    • I think my speedo is off. I need to look at it closer but seems to be reading faster (or I'm on km/hr LOL).
    • Noise isn't bad. Definately the loudest of my ebikes BUT isn't bad. I was thinking of getting the silent gear but I think I'm going to hold off because the sound doesn't bother me.
    • Ludicrous mode is too powerful on tight switchbacks but I also need to improve my riding skills. Can kick in suddenly.
    • All screws were torqued correctly when I received the bike.
    • I didn't get my tool kit (Luna is sending one) and they don't come with bottles or shirts anymore :(
    • Had to air up the shocks since they were pretty low and to properly set the sag.
    • Changed to tubeless almost immediately. The tires were actually pretty hard to break off the bead of the tire from the rim. I think they used some kind of glue.
    • Handlebar is 800mm so cut that down.
    • Changed to the shorter crank arms, I think I like it better.
    • Changed the seat because I'm too old for the hard stock seat.
    • I am going to change the display when the larger Luna colored ones are back in stock but I'm actually digging the discrete stock display.
    Anyways, the wait was well worth it. I am thinking getting another one for my son when he gets better at riding. Click image for larger version Name:	Luna x1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	128.3 KB ID:	113625
    Is the above accurate about bikes coming with a 38t sprocket now? I asked Luna about this a month or so ago and they said they were still using 32t.

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  • eskachig
    commented on 's reply
    I have the same issue. Worse, when I had to remove the upper one to feed the brakeline a piece snapped off in the process of gently loosening the bolt. The good thing is that they don't appear to be load bearing - or at least, not on those little screws that go into the downtube.

    As far as replacements go, I was thinking of getting in touch with Dengfu and seeing what they suggest.

  • CRFan250
    So it seems a serious issue is prevalent on the X1 and Luna does not have any replacement parts......

    Guys I would check the upper and lower Battery trays that screw into the frame.....that is, the lower plate with the electrical posts and the upper tray with the latch. Mine has multiple cracks in both and many others have shown the same. Luna cannot get any replacements (Supposedly) and I fear the battery may come crashing out on a ride at some point. Not sure what to do about this quite frankly but not real happy......

    Note: I did end up epoxying the cracks and I will use a velcro strap around the frame/battery from now on but I would love to see have a fix for this. This is a critical component to the bike and these pieces should be made of aluminum........
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