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New 750c color display for BBSHD and BBS02

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    New 750c color display for BBSHD and BBS02

    We have released a new display the 750c made by the same factory that made the dpc14.

    There are some changes in the error codes and programming sections that we will detail in this thread.

    Click image for larger version

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    Function Settings:

    Holding down + button switches into night mode

    To enter following setting modes press M button twice quickly

    Display Settings

    System - Metric or Imperial (imperial changes to MPH on main display screen but not on the speed limit setting in advanced setting, it stays on kmph)

    Brightness - 1 thru 5

    Auto Off - 1 thru 9 minutes or OFF

    Scenes - Analog or Digital (doesn't seem to change anything)

    Battery Indication - Percent, Voltage or OFF

    Clock - Date and Time Settings

    Basic Settings

    Wheel Size - 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 27, 27.5, 28, 29, 30, 31

    Battery - 24v, 36v, 48v, 52v

    Advanced Settings (access with password 1199)

    Speed Limit - Has no effect on throttle or PAS

    Current Limit - Has no effect on throttle or PAS

    Poles In Motor - Has no effect on throttle or PAS

    Start After Poles - Has no effect on throttle or PAS

    Clockwise Start - No effect on throttle or PAS

    Throttle 6km - No effect on throttle or PAS

    Throttle - Ties throttle to level of PAS (variable throttle)

    Start Mode - Has no effect on throttle or PAS

    Assist Levels - Levels of assist 5, 9 or (UBE?)

    Key Anti jam- Seems to have no effect
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      ERROR CODES 750c vs DPC14

      The 750c displays in hexidecimal
      Error Code Error description Error display 750c Error display DPC-14
      0x01 Normal No error No error
      0x03 Brake signal No error No error
      0x04 Throttle on high position show 04H show 04
      0x05 Throttle error show 05H show 05
      0x06 Low voltage protection show 06H show 06
      0x07 High voltage protection show 07H show 07
      0x08 Motor’s hall sensor error show 08H show 08
      0x09 Phase line of motor error show 09H show 09
      0x10 Controller over temperature show 10H show 16
      0x11 Motor over temperature show 11H show 17
      0x12 Current sensor error show 12H show 18
      0x13 Battery’s temperature sensor error show 13H show 19
      0x14 Motor‘s temperature sensor error show 14H show 20
      0x15 Speed sensor error show 15H show 21
      0x21 unknown show 21H show 33
      0x22 BMS communication error show 22H show 34
      0x23 Head light error show 23H show 35
      0x24 Head light sensor error show 24H show 36
      0x25 Torque sensor error-Torque show 25H show 37
      0x26 Torque sensor error-speed show 26H show 38
      0x30 Communication error show 30H show 30
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        I am thinking of getting either the DPC14 or the new 750C display for my BBS02 and had a couple of Q's.

        Do they show real-time current flow in Amps and/or real-time current Watt usage?

        If so, do they also aggregate those for a trip? - Ah for current; Wh for power?


          With the DPC14, realtime Amps or Watts can be displayed.. you can choose either or through the settings menu .. The 750c only shows realtime Watts .. no aggregation that I have found .. you would need a separate device , like a dedicated watt meter, something like this..

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            is this better than the other color display thats coming with my deluxe 500?


              I just got this controller installed along with a BBSHD. I went into the advanced settings and set the maximum speed to 10kph however there is still power applied above this limit. Any help would be appreciated.


              • roland
                roland commented
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                Hi mate,

                Have you set the programming software for your Bafang motor to use the values from your display unit?
                Under the Pedal Assist and Throttle handle tabs of the programming software.
                Where it says "Speed Limit:" if you want the controller to use the values you set in the Advance settings of your 750C display. You have to 1st set this to "By Display's Command"

                In most cases, this is set to a static value and changing it in the Advance settings on the 750C display will not have any effect.

                Hope that helps.


              Hello! I see this is a four (4) button display, so what does the yellowish "M" -button do? The one on the left side of the "Power ON/OFF" -button? I have currently the c965 with only three (3) buttons.

              I'm also running 52V system, so accurate voltmeter would be nice.


              • ykick
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                We’re working on 750C documentation/instructions but to help for now the M button is kinda a “menu” button. 2 quick presses should bring up Display/Function settings menu.

                Once you’re in settings menu, power button selects between function screens and a few other things but you’ll mostly use M button as a selection tool.

                Please re-read the 2nd post in this thread as it explains many of the functions such as speed limit, current limit, etc. have no effect on throttle or PAS mode.

                Dunno why they’re there but that’s how it is?

                I've learned with 5 PAS levels enabled PAS 1 limits power to about 300W. If you change to 3 PAS levels, #1 increases to around 500-600W. I prefer the 300W for 8-12 MPH riding on Paths.

              Hi there, I just installed the 750c display on my bbshd kit. I'm replacing a c965. How do I access the display settings, basic settings and advanced settings?


              • ykick
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                2 quick pushes of the M button. It can be tricky at first. Need to be faster than you might think?

              Thank you. I got it
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                Another oddity compared to previous DPC-14 display is that throttle no longer works in PAS 0 and it also appears to only work up to the power level of whatever PAS mode is selected?


                • Rodney64
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                  Was this when the Basic setting Assist 0 current and speed limit was selected to 1.

                • ykick
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                  Hi Rod, do you mean controller programming? I don't have PC and never programmed the Bafang HD. It's programmed for whatever came out of the box. Which I realized later on might be what's going on with 0 PAS no throttle?

                  Just when I start to think I got something figured out....

                Dude!! I want this sooo bad ... the 750c looks great, and will allow me to set throttle limits? Yes please! I'm gonna have to see if I can talk my partner (already spent my personal "ebike budget" on my Muddy Fox build for now ; ) into getting another kit a little early to take advantage of the special! Is there still a special offer for this display?


                  Originally posted by ykick View Post
                  Another oddity compared to previous DPC-14 display is that throttle no longer works in PAS 0 and it also appears to only work up to the power level of whatever PAS mode is selected?
                  Always? Or is that mode selectable via Advanced Settings -> "Throttle - Ties throttle to level of PAS (variable throttle)"?


                  • ykick
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                    I tried changing Throttle setting from N to Y and couldn’t detect anything different. When I powered the system off (battery still in cradle merely a “soft off”) turned everything back on and navigated back to the advanced menu option - Throttle Y had reverted back to N.

                    I checked it all again just to be certain my eyes and lunch beverage weren’t fooling me? But no, it would appear Throttle setting is not actually changeable by us mere mortals?

                    It’s not that big of deal to me, just different from the way the other displays worked. I actually prefer this PAS 1 level better than the other displays. I wish lower PAS levels were even lower speed but it’s still nice to have a setting that I know isn’t going to peak much beyond 300-400W worst case. Can come in handy if something unexpected happens and need to extend range considerably? Or, you just want to tool along comfortably on a beach boardwalk….

                    I’m also not certain the BBSHD I’ve got is programmed to operate PAS 0 w/throttle? Maybe that’s what’s different instead of something up with the display? I should've checked that before posting that but I'm still getting used to the 750C and mostly thinking out loud....

                  Originally posted by ncrkd View Post

                  Always? Or is that mode selectable via Advanced Settings -> "Throttle - Ties throttle to level of PAS (variable throttle)"?
                  Yes I do believe that is one of the features, the fact that now, with the DPC - 14, you still have full power to throttle even in PAS 0 to me is kind of odd.

                  • Variable throttle option for limiting throttle in different power levels
                  Throttle is limited by the level of PAS, great idea so that you can have a throttle AND try to limit your power as an option, so if you're going on a long trip wanting to conserve battery, you can still use the throttle with out it being "full bore" all the time.


                  • ykick
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                    I get it and will probably end up liking it. But the way I had been riding my DPC-14 and older displays - I'd leave it in lower PAS level while riding with throttle. That way when I let off throttle to shift, power would drop off significantly and I could shift without damaging the drivetrain. Now with this 750C behavior I'm probably going to need to install a gear sensor.

                  Throttle limited by the level of PAS (or not) is a great feature. As a commuter though I would go for the "not" setting, as there are times I want full power, especially coming up to and through large / busy / complex intersections.