I'm interested in your 750W Bafang rear fat geared motor kit (https://lunacycle.com/48-52v-750w-ge...or-rear-wheel/) and I have a few questions. Gary in sales suggested I ask here.

1) What is the number in parenthesis at the end of the model number printed on the motor? It doesn't show up in the photo. I've seen pics of RMG06 48V750W(7) and RMG06 48V750W(8) elsewhere online, and I believe the number in parenthesis is the turn count. Do you stock multiple turn counts?

2) Does the included controller require a display? The included 750c display looks nice, but I'd rather not use a display most of the time, though I can see how it'd be useful when setting up the motor.

3) Does the controller accept ebrake cutoff? Does it plug-and-play with either of the Shimano Hydraulic Disk Brake sets you sell (Sondors or BBS02)?

Thank you