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Dpc 14 display screen black out

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  • paxtana
    Sounds like it may be an issue with your wiring harness.

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  • Danja187
    started a topic Dpc 14 display screen black out

    Dpc 14 display screen black out

    I have a 750 bbshd mid drive with a dpc14 display with a color read out . Yesterday i took my bike out and everything was working fine i got home put the bike away and it sat for a few hours untill i went to take it out again later on i noticed the screen wasent turning on but yet i still had power to the rear wheel and all levels of assist worked just couldent tell what gear i was in or anything like that . Ibhad purchased another display whrn i had bought the bike same as the one i have for a back up for incase stuff and i hooked it up and it worked perfect for about 30 mins and then this displayvalso blacked out . Idk why this happend any insight into this would be great thanks .