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Luna's Prototype Display...please give ideas

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    Whatever display technology is used, please ensure it is viewable with polarized sunglasses.

    Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


    • QueeQueg
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      How about a heads up display on the lenses of your glasses. I know the tech exists. Saw it once being used for telemetry signals on a First Person View Drone. Now that would be cool!

    Originally posted by FatMarty View Post
    GPS would make it a must have in my opinion. The ability to run 6 volt dc (3 watts) Dynamo head and tail lamps would really be nice as the best lighting made for bikes are dynamo powered. Don't care about color display but prefer black case so display doesn't stick out like a sore thumb and invite trouble makers. No touchscreen- either PAS buttons on side/bottom of display case or separate handlebar control like current models. A thumb throttle remote that doesn't crowd shifters/brake levers would be a huge plus. Build it and I definitely will buy it
    I agree with Marty in general:

    Well done GPS with a good interface could make it a must have, if it doesn't make the display too expensive or compromise it too badly as a bike display, or introduce problems with core functions.

    Poorly implemented GPS which drives up size, cost, and annoyance factor, would likewise detract from the product. Sound great on paper, disappoint in use. Paying for GPS that's so poor you use your phone instead is not going to make anybody happy. I have more than one product like that already; one is a brand new car. So, don't take it for granted this is easy to get right.

    Maybe it's not so hard or expensive anymore, just a box you check and the risk is low? Anybody know more about GPS integration?

    GPS is a potentially revolutionary feature for this market, for sure. This is worth some detailed discussion.
    • For bikes, fully detailed maps with residential streets, and of course the BIKE PATHS, is needed to be a useful product, I think.
    • Would the device require cell network access for map data, or do you keep the maps small and local, with each user loading his own region? Or, can a detailed continental map fit OK now?
    • Will a full map with that detail level even be affordable?
    • How to update maps?
    • Routing support? I feel that the ability to store externally created routes would be needed for useful GPS on a bike, since bike routes through cities can be insanely complex. That's why we need the GPS in the first place.
      • Internally supported search and route generation would be simply awesome and probably what many will imagine when they hear 'it has GPS'. Is that within scope? I doubt it's possible but hope I'm wrong.
      • Just loading a Micro SD card with maps for one city, and any routes created on PC, would suffice for this feature to be useful, I think.
      • Ability to store and select from multiple routes in local memory, to turn a ride into a route after the fact (convert breadcrumbs into saved route), and to share routes with others would be really awesome.

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    Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


      I was thinking something like a Bluetooth connection through cell phone to Google Maps.
      That way Luna doesn't need to worry about updates, etc.
      I've used a beta or something with Google Maps for bicycle routes, and it was pretty sweet.
      Gave elevation for each route with graph showing where up and where down, etc..
      And uncannily seemed to know where all the bike trails were.
      I'm not up on what's doable with cell data; but obviously there is some blue tooth access as used for headsets.

      My thing is I don't want to jury rig my cell phone to the handlebars because of risk of losing it and no room left for it anyway with a display.
      The manner that current Bafang Luna displays attaches to handlebars is very secure and steady.
      Presumably a new Luna display would be similarly constructed to attach to handlebars.
      So if I could port my Google Maps, or something similar, to the ebike display from my cell phone I think that would be a must have real world feature I wouldn't want to go without.

      Taking the blue tooth thing a little further: you could have street/strip settings for controller accessed via cell phone app to reprogram in the field so to speak.
      Also you could use an app to track location to save new routes and stuff.


      • JPLabs
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        Sure! Rely on the phone. If there's a way to leverage Google Maps with the Bike Routing, on the user's phone, I agree, that would be excellent. Maybe look at screen mirroring (CarPlay, Android Auto, etc) to simply have the ebike display used as an extension of the phone display. Then you don't need to bother with anything else, the existing phone apps carry the heavy weight.

        I love the 'bike routes' layer on Google Maps.

      Addendum: Using blue tooth cell app(s) would eliminate any need for internal memory, etc.



        Hi, For me the most important parts would be an AHs used gauge and possibly a bluetooth or WiFi interface to facilitate all sorts of things like GPS that already inhabit our phones. The AH gauge would give a much more accurate indication of remaining fuel. As well as the condition of your battery pack as it ages. And the communication connection could provide everything else including firmware updates to an EPROM for future improvements.


          I too think that instantaneous cadence isplay would be cool. It already tracks the cadence, I am guessing (power cuts off at too high), might as well display it.

          Originally posted by commuter ebikes View Post
          Would cadence be possible? That would probably require a magnet and sensor on the crank arm.


            GPS *phone integration*, but not full map display - only cues for next turn and street name. The idea is to keep the display small and also to display full info status for important stuff like Watts, Voltage, Motor/controller temp, trip meter, speed, clock.

            The display should be easily removable, twist-lock maybe.


            Weatherproof for sure.

            LARGE font.

            "Digital" readout (not fancy looking but vague visualizations).

            Viewable with polarized glasses.

            Good viewing angle.

            Set efficiency targets: provide only as much power as needed to use a set percentage of the available capacity over a certain distance. Thats what I do mental math for now.

            Control for the bike lights.

            USB port to power phone or other small devices.

            Keep the PAS thumb controls separate, I use them all the time.


              Got a good one. Efficiency! Maybe an up and down arrow, graph, who knows.

              We have decided it is not dangerous enough, so we go over the backside of the mountain and don't come back up until we panic about how much battery is left. We spend the day saving battery. I just stare at the amps being used. Can't figure it out. Sometimes I think using throttle only in a lower gear than I can keep up pedaling is more efficient than shifting up and using PAS. Need the display to tell me to shift up or down, speed up and slow down, and nag me to pedal harder.


              • JPLabs
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                Efficiency would be tough. But a continuously updating Wh/Mi display would serve the same purpose.

                I have also wondered about high motor RPM being more efficient than 'Zero Effort' PAS at a cadence of, say, 60. I'll run 25 mph in 10th gear, then 6th gear, watching watts consumed. I can't get a consistent result, but think spinning the motor faster should be better. Maybe not, since I have a lot of grease in the gearbox, so higher drag at high speed. I know, I could do measured miles in 2 directions to account for wind, but a realtime gauge for this would be very cool.

                Would be neat to have a feature to help judge this.
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              I've been testing my bike with a data recorder that measures and records a variety of info. I've got it reading Volts / Amps and giving a readout on Mahs used. I've got to drive it more but I'm surprised that with normal riding around on flat ground at speeds up to 30 but usually between 15 and 20MPH it burns through approx. 110 to 120 Mahs per minute on average. It's just one short test run of 5 minutes and it burned 577 Mahs. I will play with it more and correlate miles with Mahs. I can also measure the amount of power it takes to fill my pack back up now.


                Wow, you may be the first to figure what we need on the display. Arrows etc. I know if I go shopping at Ludicrous full speed I get about 6 miles. (4p 30Q) If I walk the dog, 7 to 10mph on single track I get about 20 miles. In the moment I am lost, what gear, what speed, and only then do I wish I had all the data you are collecting.


                  What about design of the display itself?

                  Color? or black and white?

                  Small or large?

                  integrated with light or throttle? NO

                  touch screen or not? NO

                  Open source or not? YES!

                  GPS? NO (makes it pricy)

                  My wishlist:
                  quick toggle max speed and amps (make it legal or not with 1 flip of a button)
                  Bluetooth (programming without using program cable)
                  Set the odo meter, so i can add the distance from my old display to the new one.


                    I would actually apreciate to have a GPS anti theft tracking system integrated. Some of these bikes (like the Apex) are getting expensive, and such a system would be more than welcome.

                    I also like the idea of being able to power the lights from the main battery, so if that can be done at the controller level, yes to that.


                      I use a Grin Tech Cycle Analyst V3 and the speed limit function is unusable. I would like to limit my speed, but every time I try to use this function, the bike rides so poorly at the max speed (that I set, e.g. 28 mph).

                      The bike rides to a few mph over the max speed limit, and then the display brings the bike down to the max speed limit only to hunt, search, temporarily starve the motor of current (which feels like braking), etc. Anything but just letting me cruise smoothly at the max speed.

                      On the trucks at my work, we have governors and you can just put the pedal to the metal and cruise smoothly at the max speed. I would like to do this on my bike without the searching, temporary loss of power, etc. With the CA V3, the motor power is so uneven at the max speed that I worry I might be prematurely wearing the motor.
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                      • calfee20
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                        Cruise control is a good idea.

                      • xcnick
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                        Cruise control based on speed, not just a stuck throttle.

                      • JPLabs
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                        Setting up stock controller with ample current limits, and progressive speed limits, allows PAS to be a pretty good cruise control for pedaling. It is not always consistent across gear changes, but once gear is selected, dialing PAS up or down results in very smooth speed control, for me, as long as cadence is high enough. Maybe 60. Pulling too high a gear causes a bit of surging at low speeds with my tune, but at say 15-20 mph or above, typical for long stretches where I hold consistent speed, it's good.

                      A readout explaining what a particular error code means would be a good improvement.


                      • xcnick
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                        At first I would not have thought this was important, but I carry a piece of paper with the codes explained so it is!

                      Compass! Even a small arrow pointing north.

                      Last night, while lost in a twisting maze of subdivisions, I kept getting turned around. Made a note to find a small compass for the bike. One on display would be sweet. Even if it had to be a secondary screen.
                      Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.