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Luna's Prototype Display...please give ideas

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    What’s the latest on the Luna display? Any anticipated timing? Are we talking several months or years out? Or is something ore imminent? I’m strongly considering to replace my 965 display with something that will display volts at a minimum. Would love to know if this Luna display being discussed is a possibility anytime soon. Thanks!


      Originally posted by Eric Luna View Post
      So luna is currently working on our own display for the bbshd and new bafang ultra drive.

      What are some of the feature sets you guys would really like to see on this unit?

      battery guage (amp hour based)
      motor rpm
      pedal assist level
      average speed
      volt meter
      watt output

      Those are the basic settings i quickly listed... now what more advanced setting would you like to see?

      What about design of the display itself?

      Color? or black and white? Color

      Small or large? Large enough to show large digits otherwise they are hard to read in broad daylight and with the bike vibrations

      integrated with light or throttle? Not for me

      touch screen or not? Never

      Open source or not?

      GPS Maybe, depens on price.
      The information specs I use from the display are: PAS level. Those I would like to use but cannot in broad daylight, or the figures are too small: battery guage, volt meter (not very usefull if I could use the battery guage much better). Not usefull: average speed, actual speed (figures are too small to read while riding (vibrations). I use a cheap wired cycle computer for all related to speed including yearly compounding. It has big figures. I have a BSS02 on a road bike. I rarely ride on gravel roads.


        If bms supported
        recharge cycle count
        your other odometer


          If really ambitious
          brake light relay and
          turn signal flasher


            Uncertain if this is still a viable topic but what the heck...

            I'm more of a 'less is more' kind of guy. EggRider v2 style works for me - almost. There's getting to be too much crap on the handlebars. It would be convenient to have a remote switch setup that would allow PAS, etc. selection with a horn/bell switch configured to all be used with left thumb. Right side already has throttle and IGH shifter (mine anyway.) Just adding a user definable switch or two to an existing display remote would be perfect for me.


              I've come to the conclusion that all I need is some buttons, screw the display, it offers pretty much nothing for me and just takes valuable real estate

              If all they did was change the pedal assist level, I'd be good... two buttons for up/down and maybe a way to power it (push both for a second?)

              What's wrong with the developers that make displays that won't go completely dark at night? I don't understand them, they clearly don't *ever* ride with dark adapted eyes...