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    Super scooter

    Hello experts, I have a Luna cycle super scooter. What a machine... I ran into a problem today. This is the second time in about 25 rides. the first time, I try to change the mode while running, the very first day I got it. From very fast to not so fast. Everything shut down, could not restart it. I plugged it in and after a while, it was ok again. Today again, I stopped a few minutes to talk with a friend and when I left, did 10 feet approx. and again, a complete shutdown. When I got home, plugged it in a few seconds and the power came back on. Try to go and did about 10 feet and shutdown again.

    Can someone help me understand what is the problem. How do I troubleshoot this. I need to know what I am doing wrong so that I can trust that I will not get stuck because of me...
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Hi! I had the same problem, it is really annoying! What I can recommend you is to ask someone else, if it is desirable, ask an expert!