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Luna Sur Ron Dirt MX-Ebike (Firefly)

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    Luna Sur Ron Dirt MX-Ebike (Firefly)

    Just saw that Luna is the official reseller for the Chinese Sur-Ron Firefly Electric Motorcycle.
    We are the USA distributor of this fast and fun dirt ebike.... buy it from the source! We have the newest bikes at the best price.

    Congratulation on a very nice pick for that segment!

    One question, is Luna Considering or would consider getting that bike Homologated as a Moped in the US so it could be street legal?

    I think this would make a Huge difference in the potential market for Luna :)

    Hi, I'm very new and I just ordered a sur ron mx. One question I've been looking for an answer on is the sprocket size that comes on the standard mx. I see that the super motocross kit comes with a 42 tooth sprocket, and I see luna is selling a 60 tooth upgrade, I also see the sur ron website meantions 52 and 58 tooth coming soon. So what size sprocket comes on the standard mx?

    Also, could I get a brief description on the kinds of performance these different gear ratios provide?

    Finally, just in case anyone knows... I recevied a shipping estimate from CA to PA of 11 days. That seems a bit long. Iwas expecting more like 4 to 7, but this is fine. No complaint there. I'm wondering how accurate the fedex estimate is though. The tracking number never seems to update and I want to make sure someone is home to sign. Should I trust this delivery date?


      Buy a moped and be a moped and live your life like that don’t buy a lightbee and register it as a moped “””””” people go to the uk and buy the euro version w turn signals and all that bs


        We got a video up on how to register it as a moped. Not sure if we are encouraging that sort of thing but there you have it.
        It's in the Surron documentation page


          Read my review on Luna cycles website 60 is responsive slows down speed in eco street legal and gives umph up hills and out of turns when the light turns green


            Hi, I really need help. I have to get back on the road. My Sur Ron is my ride to work. I'm a new owner and my chain popped today. Totally my fault. I was trying to complete my peddle install and must not have re-engaged the clip on the master link. So it popped off. The chain is fine but, of course, I could not find the master link or any of it's pieces.

            I need to buy a new master link ASAP but I'm not sure what I'm looking for to buy. I know it's a 420 / 106 chain but that's about it. Is that all there is to it? i just buy any master link for a 420 chain with 106 sections?

            Thanks for any help


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              420 chain only difference is width any motorcycle parts or gear 4$ clip goes on open end facing opposite of chain rotation I always tighten to 1/2 or 3/4 flex in middle and lube before every day commuting everything check the night before keep extra link in backpack w tools little tire pump surgical gloves be prepared anticipate these problems

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              Hey, thank you very much for your reply. So what is the width I'm looking for? Am I trying to buy a motorcycle chain master link 420 / 106 of a certain width?

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              I't is just a regular 420 chain master link. No other special designations.If you search Amazon for 420 master link, there's a ton and they all work.

            Originally posted by johnt7303 View Post
            Hey, thank you very much for your reply. So what is the width I'm looking for? Am I trying to buy a motorcycle chain master link 420 / 106 of a certain width?
            Narrow width take chain or measure buy 2 I


              They are for motorcycles and many other things motorcycle parts like cycle gear or closest shop will have take the chain match there always problems with parts human error stocking etc always check


                Yet another minor issue...

                So I bought my Sur Ron with the peddle kit installed. However,, the way they ship it, it's partially installed. The bracket that contains the sprocket and the peddle connections, comes pre-installed, but the peddles are left off and the rear sprocket is still the original 42 tooth sprocket.

                To complete the install you have to remove the rear tire, swap the large 42 tooth sprocket for a much smaller sprocket, and (I think) you have to add a length of chain (I think this is already done too), put the rear tire back on and tighten it all up. Then connect the peddle arms and peddles.

                The problem I have is, I didn't complete this install right away. I had planned to do it later on and, in fact, I was able to ride around just fine. Then I decided to finish the kit. I disconnected the chain master link, took the rear tire off, and was about to swap the sprocket, but it turns out I did not have the right tool to finish. So, I put it all back together, but know my chain was rubbing the underside of the the frame. I tried various adjustments on the chain tension but no luck. Then I decided maybe the half finished kit was getting in the way, so I took it off and re tightened the chain, but it still rubs.

                I can't figure out why it's now rubbing the underside of the frame? Also, if I take the peddle kit off do I also have to remove some of the chain? How many links?
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                  Hi, I thought I'd go ahead and share with you what I've been able to find out about the pedal kit for the Sur Ron.

                  I ordered my Sur Ron with the pedal kit installed. So mine came with the stock 48T sprocket on the rear and a stock 28T sprocket on the crank set (on the motor). It had the pedal crank set also already installed. There was a bag of parts in my box for the remainder of the pedal kit which included the pedals, pedal legs, and a spare 28T sprocket, and no instructions.

                  The only instructions out there is a video from the Chinese manufactures. It's a very well done video showing the process for completing the pedal kit install from beginning to end. Of note, it shows them swapping the stock 48T sprocket on the rear for the small 28T sprocket to match the one on the front. It also shows them adding a length of chain and tightening it all up.

                  My kit did not come with any extra chain so I wondered how this was all working since my bike still had the larger sprocket installed.

                  I asked around and one forum member told me not to use the 28T sprocket. He said it wasn't very good so just leave it off.

                  I was beginning to believe this was probably what Luna intended when they shipped it but I wanted to confirm so I emailed them.

                  It took a few mails as the person assisting me didn't have any great, direct, knowledge of the kit but we got there.

                  Basically, this is what I found out.

                  The way this pre installed pedal kit is really intended to be used is with the larger, stock, 48T sprocket.
                  You don't have to worry about the chain because, if you order the pedal kit installed, they've already added a few extra links to use the 48T sprocket with the pre installed pedal crank set.

                  You can use the small sprocket if you want. It's optional. It does make the bike pedal much better, but you lose a lot of torque.
                  I'm not 100 percent sure if you don't need more links for this though. I don't think so but I'm just not sure. The video shows a bag with a pretty long piece of chain, and it looks pretty long when the guy is hooking it up. I know Luna has only added a few extra links, not a long chain so I think that answers my own question. You would probably need a longer section to use the small sprocket but It's really not intended so they didn't send it.


                    I cut the green wire and the sur-run was only cappable of going 7mph. Has anyone ever added a resistor like a 50k ohm to this wire to see if controls max speed?

                    Ok so i want to order another Sur-run for my wife, but first the max speed has to be addressed in order to be legal on arizona bike paths (20mph max in econ mode.)

                    Will the addition of the pedal kit and a paticular sized rear sprocket get me to a max of 20 mph in econ mode? If so what would be the set up?