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3 speed switch (Cyclone3000) How does it work?

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    Turning overspeed off seemed to do nothing. So confusing... I'll play with a 3 speed switch sometime in the future. Low on the priority list at this point. Will report back whenever I get to it.


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      I'm not at my machine... It's in the parking-garage, and it's not handy to respond here on the forum--from inside that space.

      Some things' settings look like they're turned on and off in the app, but they're really turned on and off via the switches...

      I wasn't at my machine the other day either--so I must've guessed at that "Overspeed On/Off" setting's function all wrong. But--I'm still not at my machine, so I can't say for sure. Maybe it's one of those settings that'll show "On" when the switch is in "High Speed" mode--and "Off" otherwise...

      It's not that important, really--when it comes right down to it.

      As I said--you're going to have to just experiment.

      By the time I'd finally gotten all my parts, and had pieced everything together, I was seriously impatient, and eager to ride. Quickly realizing the multitude of settings could take a while to sort out, I just started out setting things up quickly and simply--so I could give it a try. That way too, I knew I had a "rideable" base-line configuration to work with. That first ride or two eased my frustration-level significantly.

      After that, I just took my time--and every once in a while, when I had the time to dink-around, I'd open up the app, and try a few variations. I didn't realize at first that some of the settings' effects "stack"--but once I figured that out, I really tried to be systematic about my experimentation.

      When experimenting, don't just try things "All The Way Up" or "All The Way Down" --also try intermediate settings--and yeah, try combining a little of this, a little of that--decrease the one, while increasing another--etc. But try to take notes--so you aren't just stuck randomly trying things, and repeating yourself (like I spent a lot of time doing).

      You might want to do figure out a "Quick Setup"--like I did--just to get your wheels rolling. Even if your "trial-run" settings leave things a little "rough around the edges" --it just feels really good to finally get going.

      Once you're mobile--if you are also patient and systematic, I am certain you'll find settings that'll work for you too.
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    The 3 speed switch partially works. Slow mode, black & blue bridged, motor goes super slow. Black and pink which I believe is supposed to be overdrive does nothing differently than no switch. The overdrive setting also has no effect. It on or off with no switch or on or off with switch in either position. Motor has the same range on throttle and same top speed, when not in slow mode...

    Bizarre. Is overdrive supposed to be pink and blue? Maybe I wired it wrong?

    Here is the 40a vs the 60a. Notice the white vs pink. The 40a/white is jumped into high mode. The jumper in the same position on the 60a puts it into low mode.

    Assumed black pink would be high. Maybe it's blue+pink?
    Edit. Blue to pink and black to pink seems to do nothing. Black to blue does go to slow mode. I emailed Cyclone and asked.

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      "High-Speed Mode" might need to be turned "On" in the Bluetooth app--in order for your jumpering-tests to work. You said that setting "did nothing" --and maybe you were right--but then again, maybe you weren't.

      "High-Speed Mode" also won't act right, if your wheels are in the air. There'll be a long pause, then chattering, and then finally it'll zoom up to speed.

      I am not an expert on brushless DC motors or their controllers, so I'm not certain why--but for the system to behave the way it is meant to, it needs to have resistance. That is why I already said: If you expect to gain any valuable information from your testing, you cannot do it all with your wheels in the air.

      Now--Paco, from Cyclone? Yeah--he is the expert! So contacting him was a good call. :-)

      Best of luck!

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        I've tried overspeed on and off with the jumper on pink and black for one ride then pink and blue for another and no jumper at all. Top speed and throttle range are the same for all the combos I've tried so far. Im not lifting the wheel and applying throttle to test. I do a few miles each time. Is there a setting I'm missing in the Bluetooth app?


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          What is the percentage of overspeed is set in the app?

          And what is the percentage of underspeed?

          If they're set--then I am not really sure...

          It won't be today, maybe not tomorrow either--but I will check my own system and verify how mine works--and I will get back to you here, if you haven't sorted it out yet on your own!

          It just seems unlikely that all you're getting is "Normal" speed-mode. Strange that both "Low-Speed" and "High-Speed" wouldn't work...

          Do you have a volt/ohmmeter / multimeter?

          It might help to disconnect your battery, and do some continuity testing.

          My mind goes immediately to the most obvious cause--your (-) Negative black-wire for the 3-speed switch might have a break. All the grounds are shared. If you check any of the black-wires on the controller--all should be "Ground" --and should have 0 resistance between them--even including the (-) Negative power-input lead.

          If that is the culprit--well, I have also obviously just explained how to fix it too.

          Hang in there...

          One way or another--we'll figure out how to make it work for you. :-)
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        The low speed works. Black to blue puts it into low speed. Overspeed on or off and low speed works as long as black is jumped to blue.

        Stock setting for Overspeed on has speed ratio to 10 and low speed ratio to 80. Assumed that meant if black to blue is jumped then rpm is limited to 10% and if nothing is jumped its limited to 80%. If that's the case those field labels are horrible :)

        ​​​​So I can't tell if I'm in normal and limited to 80% all the time regardless of jumper(black to pink) or overspeed setting.

        What does Boost do?

        Paco hasn't replied yet. Usually takes a day or two. I'll keep playing.


        • tklop
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          That 10% is above your normal red-line. I think the 40A controllers limit you to 10% "Overspeed"--while the 60A controllers limit you to 20%...

          If set to the max, you should be getting that 'Overspeed' when you jumper the black-to-pink If not--(no matter whether Overspeed "on" or "off" box in the app is selected--I'd try both again--just to be sure) --then, yeah... I'll have to play with mine--and see if I can take some solid notes--and get back to you...

          You are remembering to un-jumper the Blue Wire from the Black Wire--when you're wanting to jump the Pink Wire to the Black Wire--right? I don't mean to be insulting--but just to eliminate any other possibilities....

          But I swear--we're gonna win here! :-)
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        I do unplug the black/blue before jumping black/pink. It's the same small piece of wire. Move it from one position to the other. It's a good question.

        Looks like boost did it. With boost enabled I now get slightly higher rpm with pink/black jumped, overdrive on, boost on.

        Ate a ton of bugs on that ride home....

        Thanks for dealing with my ramblings.


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          Whoo, hoo! Right-on!

          I'm glad you got to the bottom of it.

          Nature's gift may be well-intended, but I just don't eat bugs--so it's just wasted on me. I know this will sound nuts--but I've found Nature force-feeds me fewer bugs, when I don't go out on a ride when I'm hungry... Whether you think that's madness or not--test it for yourself--you may also find it to be true!

          No worries--on the ramblings. Many future readers may be able to puzzle their own systems out, thanks to our back-and-forth here! Your ramblings are a public service.

          As you continue your exploration of settings, try the in-between settings too (not just "all-the-way-up" or "all-the-way-down"), and see how things "stack". Obviously--you've discovered that the "boost" setting affects the "overspeed" function--as one example.

          As of today, I'm still not done playing around with all the settings myself. There's a few things that don't work as I'd prefer. I'd still like to get the PAS to work in a way that can go from a dead-stop, without jarring the hell out of the mid-drive components (comes on VERY HARD)... Don't know if I'll ever be able to change the way it behaves or not--but yeah... I'm only saying this--because it can take a while to find the your own "absolute ideal" settings...

          Plus---as I said before--you may also find certain combinations work fantastic for high-power, low-speed off-road, other combinations for high-speed short-range smooth-road runs, still other combinations for max efficiency. I set up the various "speed-limiting" options (which stack), to enable me to change operational modes via switches, so I don't even have to open the app. I've got easy access for a good off-road walking-pace mode, also good for moving with pedestrians, I've got one set up for a good pace in bicycle traffic, and another good one for "cruising" on the open bike-path/road; one for when I want maximum-speed for volcano-escaping/overtaking, etc.

          I don't mind a bit that it takes some time to fine-tune. The Cylone's power gives us that insect-grill Auto-Grin at a tiny cost! ;-)

          Experiment, try to be systematic, take notes, and obviously most important of all--keep on having a blast!
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        Any chance you know where I can purchase the female end of the 3 speed connector? Have a switch I want to wire to it but want to use the same connector.


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          I'm not sure really where you would find one.  It's a standard automotive connector, so you could hack one off of something in a u-pull-it junk-yard, and splice it to suit your needs-- but I don't know where to buy them new. You'd need to crimp and match up the pins by yourself. I also haven't done any searching--just answering "no" based on my limited knowledge. They're kind-of clunky--those white rectangular connectors. Personally, I'd love the $ to just go pure aviation-grade cannon-plugs (waterproof where applicable)... But though kind-of bulky, those automotive connectors are quite sturdy, and perfectly effective.

          Someone else may know.
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        Pretty sure I found them. 2.8mm pitch 3 pin connector. Can be found on eBay for $5 for a single pair or on Amazon $11 for a kit:

        Cheapest single one I could find:

        Searching "2.8mm 3 pin" in eBay shows a bunch. They are labeled as generic connectors for auto, mopeds, bikes, ATVs, etc. Makes sense.

        The dimensions match. 14.2mm/.559" wide & 19.6mm/.770" long. I bought the amazon kit. Will confirm if they work or not.
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          Yup. They fit. Have my 3 speed switch wired up now. Need to play with the overspeed settings. In Low its not as slow as it was when I tried the first time. Need to keep playing with the settings. Turned off Boost. That seemed to override any 3 speed switch setting.


            My current settings have worked out well so far.

            Boost is off.

            Overspeed is on
            Speed ratio 10
            Low speed ratio 60

            With the switch not connecting anything, same as no switch, top speed is around 45. With it connecting the Low jumper I get a top speed of 30. With it set to high I'll get 55. I'll use the low speed when on trails. I almost never use the high speed and don't see a reason to play with boost.

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