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Purchased new Cyclone 3000w and need help

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    Purchased new Cyclone 3000w and need help


    I've bought a Cyclone 3000 from a supplier in Austria and all the kit has arrived however I cannot seem to work out how to fix it on. My bottom bracket is 68mm and it's the kit I ordered. The one 'bent' motor arm suggests to me it's the correct one as I know the wider bracket kits have two straight arms. I was watching videos on YouTube from Luna about installing and the differences between the kits... The parts may have evolved slightly since those videos but my straight arm doesn't have tapered holes (not sure if this makes a big difference) and my bottom bracket seems to stick out way further??? Feeling a bit confused right now.. I've uploaded photos of all the parts I have (apart from controller)

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Planning on running 20s10p VTC6 Cells.
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    Congratulations on your purchase!

    I'd suggest you begin here:

    Read that thread thoroughly. Read it more than once.

    Then--make sure you have that thread open on a portable device next to you, while you are working. A laptop or tablet is handy--with their larger-format screen, but a smart-phone might do.

    That should have you well on your way.

    After that, continue down the postings in the Cyclone areas of the forum, if you are seeking additional guidance, or are curious to see what others have done with their projects.

    Best of luck!

    All the best,