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Sur-Ron Availability ????

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    Sur-Ron Availability ????


    I have been trying to contact Luna Cycle but they don't seem to want to talk !!!
    No response via email, the online chat is always offline and they don't answer the phone !?
    Is this their idea of customer service????

    Trying to find out if they actually have any Sur-Rons to buy!?
    Website is very unclear!!!

    Example; if i purchase and spend $4k on the Sur-Ron X Black Edition when am i likely to receive it???

    They are in stock as it says right on the listing, along with current lead time. There is also additional support notes on the same listing going over where it ships from, how shipping works, and how requested modifications affect lead time. Seems pretty clear to me.

    If you are waiting to hear back on email, please be a little more patient. If you called, leave a message.


      Ok so your saying i can order one and it will ship this Friday (according to website)
      From what i've read Luna Cycle are unreliable regarding stock and delivery so just wanted to ask the question!
      Thank you for clearing that up!


        No that is not exactly what I am saying, it says we generally ship surrons on Friday after the stated lead time for your particular order, which is minimum 3-5 business days, and goes into some detail on the linked shipping information page about how customization affects that, such as if you were to add an option for supermoto or pedal kit would add to the lead time.

        Additionally it would be a good idea if you want the order to ship as soon as possible to make sure that your billing information matches what is on file with your credit card, and that the shipping info matches the billing info. If you put in the wrong information, it's going to cause delays or a declined / refunded order.

        Probably best just to order it and have a little patience, we have the bikes and would be shipping them within a reasonable time frame, but don't go making expensive vacation plans for using it next week or something.


          Roger that mate!

          Thank you for the info and understood!!!!!