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Integrated Generator for ebikes?

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    Integrated Generator for ebikes?

    I have the folding luna cycle. I was reading about this car, that has a gas generator but is fully electric. I was wondering if something like that can be done on this ebike and how do it.


    the new Nissan system, called e-Power, only uses the gasoline engine to charge the battery pack, not to drive the wheels.
    It would essentially allow you to go as long as you want to on the road. Want to go 8 hours - no problem.

    Sure it could be done. Questions to answer would it be worth it and would that change the legalities of where you could operate? An electric bike can sneak into places they are not allowed because they are quiet. Some sort of gas motor involved is going to change that.

    I don't think anyone really makes a generator that would be perfect tor this application so you may end up building your own which among other things is going to make it not very compact so maybe rear rack mounted? What is the engine going to be typically used for? Lawn equipment? Some sort of scooter maybe? Is the alternator going to output 120vac or 12v? Or can you find or mod something to make it more direct so in the 60v range? What is all this going to weigh? How much fuel are you going to need to carry? A gallon of gas is 6 pounds so with the weight of the tank included you are in the same ballpark weight and space wise as a Luna Wolf that would just plug in and work. 2 gallons is a dire wolf and we are not yet adding in the weight of the engine and alternator.


      There's not much in gasoline generators below ~1000w and ~14kg

      I did find this cute 600W unit at just a bit over 10kg:

      Says it will deliver 300W for 3hrs so that's a maximum total energy 900Wh (~1.75l of fuel) and you still need a way to get it to the ~50V needed for electric bikes

      But what's the point? 900Wh of battery is only going to weigh ~4kg and is a heck of a lot smaller [not to mention zero noise, smell, maintenance & mess] so seems a lot better just to carry a spare battery

      I suppose you cold carry extra fuel with the little generator but still isn't really going to compete well with simply adding battery