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Luna Fixed Battery Replacement

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    Luna Fixed Battery Replacement


    I'm a big fan of the Luna Fixed and while I've been waiting for them to come back into stock I've found a used one with 3k on the odometer. This is quite high and I would imagine at least half of the battery lifespan. Is there a Luna sold or DIY solution for battery replacement that will still stay in the downtube and keep the same specs?

    Thank you!

    3K isn't all that much - I'm pushing 7.5k

    Even if only 20mi per cycle that's 150cycles which isn't that bad... a well taken care of battery would probably show some signs at that point - capacity down ~10% and more voltage sag, especially when below ~50%... but that's a super big "if" on how well the battery was taken care. If it was stored flat or on a charger all bets are off.

    Pretty sure luna sells batteries either way though

    There are folks that could rebuild it with fresh cells too but I'd probably opt for a second one either way there too


    • shadowphaze
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      Thanks for your reply! Is that 7.5k on the stealth fixed or one of their other ebikes? I mostly excited about the Stealth fixed because of the belt drive, a bit worried about battery life since its already such a small battery.

    • AZguy
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      No that's on a BBSHD bike I built - big fat-tire that's going to use a lot more energy than the fixed - OTOH my batteries are 2-3x larger

      But it really comes down to how well the battery has been taken care of... one issue with bikes that sit is that the battery may be left to go flat or left on a charger for months and either can spell death to battery or at leas seriously impact their life

      If it has been taken care of then it should still be ok... like mentioned, just a little tired so not quite as much capacity and the thing I notice on old batteries is the voltage sag gets worse, especially when their getting low

      Again I'd suggest getting a second battery and then you can compare. If the old battery is a little weak then you can use it for the shorter less demanding rides and save the newer one for the more demanding rides and that will extend it's life a lot - this is what I do... I run the most used batteries for the easy stuff and the nice newer one for the hard stuff.

      OTOH if the old one is really weak then see if you can find a rebuilder to make it new again...