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Luna Fixed Stealth Reliability and Display Questions

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    Luna Fixed Stealth Reliability and Display Questions

    Hello Luna!

    I recently purchased a Luna Fixed Stealth, I have been fairly happy in the few days of ownership so far, but while looking into details of the SW102-2 display I found some specifications on the controller that look a little concerning for longevity of the bike. Some pictures I have found lead me to believe the older controller is likely a Lishui controller rated for ~200w of continuous use (max ~400w), I am guessing that the "upgraded" version in my bike is only rated for ~250w of continuous use (max ~500w). I am similarly curious about the motor, which I am guessing is a Shengyi or Tongsheng TSDZ2 type motor, probably also rated for peak 500w (and maybe peak 400w for older versions).

    These power ratings indicate to me that there is a possibility of failure in the controller and/or motor if the bike is continuously used at the highest level of pedal assist for long periods of time. While I did not opt for the extended warranty because my credit card will supposedly warranty the purchase for a year, I would like to avoid needing to replace any parts or the bike itself.

    As a user of the Luna Fixed Stealth and SW102 display I would like to use the highest levels of pedal assist for short periods of time in order to avoid burning out the components. Checking with Bluetooth (BLE) I found the display transmitting some unknown characteristics along with the capability to update the firmware over BLE using Nordic semiconductor utilities. Otherwise I have been unable to find an app to successfully use any of the Bluetooth information coming from the display. I did however find an Open Source E-Bike firmware that looks compatible with this SW102 display:, as well as information on how to dump the current firmware by cutting into the device to expose a serial interface.

    All of this leads me to several questions:
    1. Can anyone speak to peak vs continuous wattage and longevity of components at highest pedal assist settings?
    2. Does this SW102 display currently use any GPL code?
    3. Is it possible to provide the stock firmware for the display?
    4. Has anyone tried or been able to use an open source firmware that is compatible with this combination of controller & motor?
    Many thanks & best regards,
    - OpenStealth

    Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your purchase. I'm not positive, but I think the motor for Luna's Fixed Stealth is manufactured by Bofeili.

    Can't help you with your other four questions - I can say that I don't recall any earlier forum posters asking anything similar. You also probably already know about the Endless Sphere forums (as another possible lead source).
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      Thanks ncmired!

      I am also curious about the display I received because it does not appear to be what is advertised to come with the Luna Fixed Stealth.

      On the website and in reviews this is the color display that is shown:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 10.42.08 AM.png
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      While this is similar to the black and white display that I received:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 10.43.44 AM.png
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      Is the SW102-2 actually the new display for the Luna Fixed stealth, or am I missing an upgraded display?

      For what it is worth the black and white display is incredibly hard to read in sunlight, especially with sunglasses on. Not sure if the color display is any better.


        That first display has the model name "500C" and I think there a a few versions of it - maybe just firmware sets or the like, dunno about the physical interface connector.

        The second is, as your wrote, most likely the SW102 type - very similar to the Eggrider (which is firmware programmable I believe) - maybe even the same guts. I prefer the 500C, which is not great in direct sunlight (keep the clamp just snug so you can pivot it as needed) is mostly still readable at a glance - not something I can do with either the SW102 or the Eggrider.
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          Cross posted to Endless Sphere here:


            I wonder if you keep it at 2 if the wear and tear is less. Also, if the motor burns out, can it be upgraded to s better bosch or something.


              As far as motor interchangeability, AFAIK, none of the frame integrated ebike motors are interchangeable, either across brands or even same brand - though hopefully the newer Bosch stuff is or is getting close.
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