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    new bike purchase


    I have made a decision to order the X2 with upgraded controller. One question, I will be ordering a Large Frame, I'm only 5'10" but I like the larger wheel base. I was wondering if a 29er Front Wheel and a 27.5 Rear Wheel is a viable option. Has Luna ever set a bike up this way? Thanks for Your input.​

    You would have to ask Luna. It might work if the fork is swapped also. There would be some geometry considerations to just mixing wheels. Height doesn't really mean a lot. Some people have longer torsos than others. Then terrain and riding style get added in. Fork trail iss usually different om 29ers, This is built into te fork legs, and Axle to Crown can be adjusted with travel limit spacers. But it'c not real simple to get it right. TBH I wouldn't expect Luna to do this kind of R&D and labor for you at the kind of price point they offer for their products.


      We would not do that at Luna but you could mod it easy enough. But just to be clear the 27.5" fork won't work with a 29er wheel, you would need a different fork.

      If you have a 27.5" already and want to do this here are links. This is at a cheaper price than we would be able to provide these parts via special order so it is a pretty good deal.

      Course if you have not checked out yet, you could get it in 29er at checkout and build up a rear 27.5" rear wheel or have your LBS do so.
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      • Rocky Dixon
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        So on an X2 Luna will not change a 29" rear wheel to a 27.5 while leaving the front at 29"?
        Is this something they don't recommend?

      • Retrorockit
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        If you lower the rear axle the headtube leans back some. This increases the angle of the headtube Slower steering response will result.
        The diameter of the front wheel, the headtube angle, Legth of the fork (axle to crown)and the Rake (offest of the axle) all work together to produce a desired geometry. If you change something there the bike will steer "different". There are more ways to get it wrong than get it right.If you lower the rear you've changed one of those in the front, with no compensation in the other related dimensions. My question is why do you want to do this?.
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