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A complete set of parts to order?

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    A complete set of parts to order?

    Hi, I am going to place an order for a whole set to convert a hybrid bike (68mm bottom bracket) as soon as the battery pack that I want comes back on stock (Could you send an email when it's back?). Just to make sure that I do not have to place another order, I'd like to ask what parts I should buy to complete my conversion. Hers is the list in my cart now:
    • Luna BBSHD w/ new Luna 42T chain ring, color display, gear sensor, thumb throttle,
    • Luna 52v Panasonic 13.5ah GA Shark Pack (it is out of stock now, but Eric said that it will be back on stock in days a few days ago.)
    • Luna 52v 300w Charger
    • One XT90 Spark Resistance connector for connecting battery back to motor
    • 14 Gauge wire red 2m and black 2m (Do I need extra wires?)
    • Various heat shrink tubes

    Is this sufficient to complete a Luna build? Are there other parts to consider buying?

    In addition, I'll also buy front and rear lights, wires and a connector for them:
    • Luna Cycle Cylops LED Light Extra Power
    • Luna Rear Light
    • XT60 connectors (to connect these lights to battery)
    • 22 Gauge Wire red 2m and black 2m

    22 Gauge is sufficient for wiring the lights?

    I'm a bit worried that some stuff might be out of stock when the battery is back!
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    In addition, the Luna 300W charger seems to come with a XT60 connector. Does the connector come soldered? What connector should I buy to connect the charger with the Shark pack? I cannot tell just by looking at the photos.


      The charger doesn't need a spark resistance connector?


        That seems like a pretty thorough list to me. You'll want some zip ties for the wiring. You might need a new longer chain, but only if your bike's biggest stock front chainring is smaller than 42T.

        22g is fine for the lights. I used the wires that came on them, though - they were each long enough to easily reach to a battery in the triangle, so will probably reach wherever you will connect them.

        The XT60 does come soldered on the charger already, at least mine did. I'm not sure what connector is on the Shark Pack. If you buy the pack
        and charger bundled from Luna I believe they set you up with the right connector, but someone with a Shark should confirm, I'm not positive.

        No spark resist needed on charger.
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          female XT90 with 10 ga wire for your battery base. If you are going to be on the throttle much. Per Ron Spinning Magnets. extra thumb throttle. recommended somewhere on this site. What size BB kit are you ordering? I ordered 120mm for 100mm BB bike because of wide rear dropout 190mm. I needed extra spacer kit and extra BB spacers. Make sure you have all the tools for your BB removal and installation