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Sur Ron Registration/Title as a Motorcycle

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    Sur Ron Registration/Title as a Motorcycle

    I have seen from multiple articles the notion that the Sur Ron will never be a 50 state street legal bike. What is the basis of this? Most street legal bikes need mirrors, turn signals, head lights horns, DOT tires, a horn etc. What does the Sur Ron lack to make it streetable? Or is this just something that while possible is just an avenue the Luna personally doesn’t want to get involved in.
    From where I stand the check would be in the mail tomorrow if I knew these issues could be overcome with my local DVM. Perhaps Luna can chime in and give some general guidance if it is possible since increased sales may result from distributing info on how it’s customers may personally pursue this endeavor.

    Sorry, this is not something we are authorized to discuss at length.

    It is none of our business what you do with this product but we are not willing to take on any liability with regards to riding this on the street, including providing any sort of advice, directions, guidance and so on.

    We want to be absolutely clear here, there is no liability expressed or implied for riding this on the street or converting it to a street-legal vehicle. Sur-Ron is no joke, it is on a whole other level compared to anything Luna has sold before. If you ride it in the street (legally or not) and for any reason get injured that's on you.

    There was a recent post on our forum by a forum member mentioning how to at least register OHV which presumably would be a step in that direction. But again this is not something we want to be involved with. If forum members wish to discuss these things they are more than welcome to but Luna cannot provide advice on it.


      The snip below is from the product page It clearly says "For Off Road Use Only".

      Going from that clearly published limitation to "Registration/Title as a Motorcycle" is an application completely outside the scope of the product.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	snip.PNG Views:	1 Size:	34.5 KB ID:	68081
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