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Amp-hour fuel guage or odometer? (from lunacycles)

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    I think I may have found the spot not making contact:
    The USB port is slightly to the side of the hole, so that I have to hold the plug in the right position for the connection to be made. And when I took the photo and enlarge it, I could see that one of the contacts looks slightly damaged. I think this is where it is not making good enough contact. Yet the meter does read the volts and amps going into my computer, possibly through the other contact pins.

    I could not see this damage with my eyes, even with my glasses on. The damage looks like it was scraped in an arch before it was put in to the box.

    Do you think it is repairable? Maybe I should try cutting away the plastic on the right side of the hole, then clearing the plastic from the pin? But I am not sure that it will solve the problem.


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      Wow good eye. Yes I think that definitely could be causing a problem if you are having an issue connecting on the USB interface. Looks like the area was smashed in from something which may be affecting the contact. Repairing it seems unlikely given the size of the connector but maybe if you have a really tiny drill bit you could remove the plastic material that appears to be interfering with the metal contact.

    I was lookiing at it with a magnifing glass and still could not see it clearly enough to fix it. Infact even an exacto knife blade tip maybe too wide. I think I need to send it was only with the cammera and computer that I could see it all.
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