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Will an Luna Eclipse 42T fit?

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    Will an Luna Eclipse 42T fit?


    I have no experience with bikes and decided to buy one (my first!) and make it electric (I tested it once).

    I just finished installing my BBSHD on my Trek Marlin 5, here are some of the issues I got (might help someone) :
    • Motor case was barely touching the swing arm : I found some BB spacer in a bike shop, now I have 1mm of space (you can see it on the photo)
    • BB is 73mm so I added some washers to add 5mm behind the mount plate : I drilled some nuts to use as washer and found 2 long M6 screw at my bike shop

    As you can see, the chainring from Bafang is realllllllllly close to my swing arm (see photos).

    I ordered an Eclipse 42T and now I wondered:
    Do you think the Eclipse 42T will fit considering it is smaller but deeper?
    Should I invest in a chainring spacer?

    Right now, the bike is doing an awesome noise when in gear 1, I think it's caused by the chain being too tight and misaligned.
    Last question: do you think the eclipse will solve that?


    Your Omelette

    I think the Eclipse will be approx. 8mm (5/16) smaller in radius, but 6mm (15/64) closer to the chain stay than that 46 tooth pie plate.

    So, my guess is you'll need additional spacers (which defeats the point of the Eclipse). There's a write-up around here somewhere about dimpling the chain stay (wincing) - I'd go with a very mild dimple (if at all).

    Maybe i't worth considering re-arranging the cassette gears, retaining the 1st gear, and losing 1-2 in the middle.
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      Hi, Thanks for your answer.
      Since I have no experience with bike mechanic, I'll leave the cassette gears rearrangement as last solution.

      The chain is actually not long enough for 1st gear, the derailleur is making the noise.

      I tested the bike 5min, went to 6 gear and started pedaling a bit more agressive, the chain broke (outer expanded just a bit and the pin stayed inside).
      I don't know if it's the link that I removed and put back when I unmount the bike, I hope so.