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Battery hookup questions

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    Battery hookup questions

    I would like to order a Bafang BBSHD kit from Lunacycle. The kit would be for a Trek Roscoe 8 but just cant seem to understand if the battery will fit or not. The question is not about the size but about the mounting.

    The Roscoe has a rectangular down tube rather than round. Some of the cables are routed on top of this tube and can not be moved. My questions are:

    How high off the tube does the battery ride – high enough for cables to be underneath?
    Can the battery be locked onto the bike?
    When the battery is removed, are there normal plug connectors or does it slide into a mounting bracket with permanent connectors to the motor?
    Can be battery be charged on and off the bike?

    The battery "sit" height depends on the battery.

    I can speak to the Shark style - the center of the 3-4 mount points sits flat to the top of the bottle bosses on molded, slightly raised (2-3mm) bottle-mount bolt hole castings that run down the center of the pack mount or bracket. There's a key lock and a interface connector. My bet is that it would sit high enough off of the bike to clear the cable guides on that Trek (based on the pictures I've seen). If it didn't or the position it ended up in was not quite right, you could add a Wolf Tooth Components B-RAD Mounting Base (available with 2, 3 or 4 holes).

    Avoid the 1st generation Shark pack (with the long metal back portion).

    Based on this Luna video, I'd bet that the Luna Wolf pack sits off the frame by quite a bit because of the magnets:

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