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Cmeilan x5 Rear Laser question/problem?

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  • spinningmagnets
    It does sound like the battery. It would be frustrating to buy a spare battery, only to find it ended up being something else....

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  • DrDave
    started a topic Cmeilan x5 Rear Laser question/problem?

    Cmeilan x5 Rear Laser question/problem?

    Hey guys,

    I purchased the light and out of the box, it seemed to work fine (I think). Anyway, I charged it...and powered it up. The light goes solid red. I can cycle it through the display modes fine directly or remotely - no problem. The issue is that after maybe 15 -20 seconds, the unit begins to power down.

    Now I know there's a daylight sensor, but the problem is, even in complete darkness, the same scenario happens.

    Is there a problem with the battery - I know in the product reviews there seems to be some issues?? Or is it the unit?

    Thanks for the help.