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When is a battery on its last legs?

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    When is a battery on its last legs?

    I have had five of the Luna Wolf batteries over the years. One of them will no longer fully charge. It tops out at 56.4. I have different chargers and that does not change the output. If I charge to 80% I get 56.4 or thereabout. If I then charge it at 100% I still get 56.4 and it stops charging almost at once. Losing those last few watt hours matters when I am in 50-60 mile bike events (using two batteries). Do I need to replace the battery to get back to having full power? Right now about 17-18 miles is the best I can do if riding at power setting "2." To then make it the rest of the way I have to baby the other battery to conserve power. Now 40 mile events with two batteries are the best I can manage with the reduced power..

    Thanks to the person who responded. I'll order a new one.
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    Power setting "2" of 9, 5, or 3 possible settings? Never mind, probably doesn't matter, presuming 1/3 to 1/2 of the battery previous range is now gone

    I'm not a battery expert, but perhaps 1-2 of the 4 series strings (the 14S part of 14S4P) failed (cells, connections, or BMS) If this battery is clear potted, you might be able to see blown fusing wires.

    In any event, if potted, I suspect the battery isn't repairable.
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