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Has anyone heard of this DATEx2 Parallel Battery Adapter?

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    Has anyone heard of this DATEx2 Parallel Battery Adapter?

    Is this too good to be true? It seems a bit expensive, but I would be happy to use it rather than risking starting a fire with a regular splitter.

    I found this online and it seems like exactly what I would like. I have a two year old Panasonic Shark Pack from Luna. I would like to buy the same pack new and wire them either serial or parallel. However, since they differ in age I've heard parallel that is bad. Then I found the video below that claims that you can do this. It seems to have some sort of BMS that takes care of the voltage differences etc. You can even use a single charger to charge both batteries at once. He even claims 48v and 52v can be paired up. They even claim that you will get a bigger range from your batteries using this device because they can draw down more of the current.


    video here:

    Otherwise, if I use the traditional method it seems to be a little more dangerous and you need two identical batteries:

    Looks like a neat little gadget, but that's a big price tag for what looks like XT90 connectors soldered together inside a 3D printed case.



      They note that you can only use the charge function if the batteries can be charged through the discharge port which is not the norm in E bike land, most e bike batteries including the sharks have a separate charge port. Also note they say they are XT60's on the unit. Looks like they sell adapters to go to all the common ends including XT90.

      Its also confusing why there are 4 ports on the non charging one. Their photo shows ins on the outside and outs on the inside. In their examples they show the ins connected to batteries and one out to the motor? Are the outs just in parallel? Why or how would you use that?

      Its not a secret or mystery how you would properly do this, you use diodes which are basically electrical check valves, or back flow preventers . Since in the batteries we are dealing with DC and DC has a directional flow we can keep power from flowing back into a battery from another battery using one of these check valves which is a diode. You basically put check valves on both batteries so the power can only flow out. Seems simple right?

      Lets go back to thinking of this like water pipes and the batteries are the tanks. If you screw a check valve to the tank you are going to slow down the flow a bit even if you oversize it just because the valve has more drag in it than just a straight pipe. Its got to be able to push through and hold open the spring loaded flap and there will be the edges that the flap seals on when its shut to flow around. Not a huge deal but it does slow things down. If you get the valve too big besides the valve costing a lot more there may not be enough power to push through it and open the flap. Think of a valve for a fire hydrant hooked to a garden hose. Too small and you will really restrict the flow and blow the thing up.

      So you are wasting some power going through these valves which means you are loosing some voltage and capacity, usually not a ton but still a factor that should be considered. And there is also the pesky physics laws out there that you don't just loose something, it changes and in the case of electricity it changes to heat. Heat kills electronics so you have to manage it in some way. I don't like how in the ad it seems like a one size fits all. There possibly a huge difference in the amount of power someone is going to be pulling on a 36v system than a 52v. 30 amps is pretty easy to pull on a 52v setup so where is the heat going? Through what hopefully isn't a plastic PLA case? PLA can darn near melt sitting in the sun so hopefully its at least ABS but still aint gonna cool the components unless maybe the base is metal and you screw it to your metal (not carbon) bike frame?

      It does really seem like they are using diodes since they say to charge if you have the correct batteries you need the version with the charge cable. The charge cable has its own diodes that tap in to the battery side then the box still has its diodes for the discharge side. This also fits where they say it doesn't work with a bike that has regen because the diodes are blocking anything that is trying to come back.

      If the had different sizes and the bigger ones had a metal if not finned case then I would be a little more onboard with it but that doesn't look like the case here and then you still have the fact that the shark packs can't charge through the discharge ports so you don't gain that function either.


        I found the DateX2's actual site, which is on Facebook. I think they are French. They sell a lot of interesting eBike specific devices apparently. Still I wonder if it is worth it.

        I was just thinking of adding another battery to my bike that already has a Luna 48v Panasonic 13.5ah Shark Pack. It is two years old. It is also seems to be diminishing a bit with 2200 miles on it. I was wondering if I got another 48v 13.5ah pack from another brand and new would I be able to put in parallel safely? Luna is out of these Shark Packs and I'm not sure when they will ever have another, so I would have to find another 48v 13.5ah. Not sure if this is safe.

        Otherwise, i could order a very large whale pack.
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