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Luna wolf alternatives?

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    Luna wolf alternatives?

    Are there any good alternatives to a Wolf or Direwolf Luna battery since they are not available? I don’t want junk. I have a Bbshd and will be eventually converting to Ludacrous controller. Any other quality packs out there?

    It shows that the 30q Wolf V2 is in stock, grab it now!
    there simply is no better battery on the market..

    I have both the V1 and the V2.
    4200km (about 150 charge cycles) on the V1. I just can’t kill the thing! I have dropped, had it fall off the bike going 30km on gravel (totally my fault, the mag attachment is good) and ridden in the Pacific Northwest all winter.

    Very strong still, at full throttle it sags about 3volts, which in my opinion is VERY acceptable.

    I expect great things from the V2, which I bought for a new build on my wife’s bike.


      Hi Jerry,


        Personally I considered Bolton and EM3EV for their triangle packs but ended up coming back to the Wolves for their fully potted and magnet mounting design. I have an older EM3EV pack that I bought used that seems to be good but its a softer pack like what the Bolton one appears to be so its not as easy to mount it solidly and I don't know how solid it is internally. Because of that I only use it on my street bike that just vibrates vs my trail bike that gets slammed around.

        The current EM3EV triangle appears to come in a hard case with bag and charger options. I didn't see it in the description but that kinda implies that its intended to be a bit more rugged. The Bolton one I did hear someone say it didn't seem like the most rigid pack. I'm only running stock BBSHD's so I wasn't really looking that deep into the specs to see if they could handle a Ludi.

        I have not looked but can the standard 750-1500w BBSHD controller be set to do 36v if you get the programming cable? I would imagine you won't get awesome performance and the battery meter on the display won't make a lot of sense but if it could have reasonable performance maybe you could pick up a used 'scooter pack' for cheap, like $50 and get going while you wait for Luna to restock. Or if Luna has the Ludi's in stock pick that up and 2 scooter packs for 72v. Again I'm sure you would have to set some limits because the 36v packs won't be expecting ludicrous draws but if you have the space and a way to mount them could be a real cheap way to go.


          Thanks guys. I actually saw they came back in stock earlier this week and mine just got delivered today! I’ll be installing it this weekend!