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rosenberger connection port terminals touched keys by accident caused a spark

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    rosenberger connection port terminals touched keys by accident caused a spark

    while lifting my bike my keys touched the exposed terminals and caused a spark on the connection port on my 52v fusion battery that came on my khs3000 that I bought new in may of 2019 , since the spark occurred the charger will not recognize the battery. the display is still working and reads 51v. Any suggestions on troubleshooting would be helpful. I have contacted lunacycle support . wondering if it fried the bms or if bms is replaceable or repairable or if maybe the Rosenberger plug needs replacement or any reccomendations on who can repair the battery. the battery has been working great and the cells are in good shape and have been well taken care of any suggestions or solutions thank you for your time

    Check the charge and discharge for voltage with a multimeter first, if you see voltage you might just have to clean off any carbon deposits with something nonconductive/nonflammable. CRC makes a cleaner like that


      Well I don't see any email in our system that matches the email address you used when you signed up on the forum, and right now all inquiries are answered very quickly so it sounds like you may want to resend. If you used the trouble ticket system maybe the reply email address you entered had a typo or something who knows. You can email directly to the inbox via or you can just let me know your order# and I will have an agent reach out to you via email


        Thank you for the info.

        I believe it is probably a little soon to jump the gun in saying that nobody is trying to help you, as when I looked up the email address you just provided me I do see an ongoing conversation you were having with support. Looks like you sent an email on the 19th, my agents sent you three email replies on the 19th, you replied on the 22nd and our lead support technician replied a few hours later on the 22nd. That was the last correspondence we see in our system on the main trouble ticket opened, though there is another ticket that agents also replied on. I would recommend replying to this email chain as I see four different email chains/support tickets opened by you on the issue, that makes it very difficult to address all of your concerns.

        If you are having trouble seeing these emails below is a copy of the last reply we sent two days ago

        Click image for larger version

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        So we need to know if you tried jumpstarting it. Also it would probably be worth mentioning in the reply to Seb that you are seeing zero volts on both, because that would typically indicate that your multimeter may be on the wrong setting, as it is not technically possible for there to be zero volts in the battery.

        Regarding buying another battery we can maybe figure something out sure, but direwolf may not fit as it appears your bike frame size is medium. Incidentally it appears your order# is 76972 if needed for reference.