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18650 vs 21700 battery packs.

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    There is a tropical storm moving in. Lots of headwinds. 20mph and gusting 25-30mph. I decided to take my longer 36mile ride and see what happened. Went out and 1/2 way back. Sat out the first rain squall at my favorite Irish pub. Finished the ride in a light drizzle. Skipped my 30 mph runs at the end. Not needed due to light traffic. Got home with a flat battery but still PAS 1 powered, I did this as a battery test. The test was a success and so was the battery. I thought I might have more than this left, but it wasn't dead and I WAS trying to stress it. PAS 3 and 4/5 into the wind where normally I'm PAS2
    This is probably my last ride for the next few days. This is expected to be a hurricane when it lands a little north of where I am. I'm on the soft side of it, so not too worried.


      i found this site having a Black Friday 50% off sale on some of their 21700 stufff. I'll just link to the thread here.
      This is a new Ebay vendor. Seems to be associated with Hailong. Ships from a US warehouse. I haven't used them yet. The 21700 batteries are Panasonic. the others are not so specific. 50% off sale.


        A year and a half ago my Hailong 18650 pack was getting weak after 18000K, 4 1/2 years so I got to looking for a new pack. I found that the 2170s had better stated density so why not. My battery pack guy here made me a 48V 19.5 hour with 2170s in a Reention downtube case. Its a little wider than the 18650s Hailong pack. Pretty much the biggest downtube battery enclosure before a triangle pack. I asked for the Tesla 2170s which he had. Nice pack, no issues, lots of umph.


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          I got the 21700 in a Hailong Mega Shark pack with 24Ah. The bracket was a PITA. I've seen newer ones that look much better. So you can go a bit bigger in 21700 if you have room for it.