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Used batteries, Shark/Hailong case

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    Used batteries, Shark/Hailong case

    Looking to upgrade my battery, getting about 15-20 miles out of my existing. Started a Topic here:
    I just had my sweet van stolen! Pinched it right from my apt complex parking. That leaves me my ebike as sole transportation. Currently I can go 15-20 miles with the battery I’ve got. Being retired on extremely limited income, I don’t have the luxury of simply buying the pricier options, like the Bafang 20.3ah shark style

    Basically I was looking at installing a 20-24ah battery and wondering
    Which of the cheaper sellers, like UPP, can be trusted?
    It's literally twice as expensive to get many of the quality batteries, and I just don't have the money, esp now that my van has been stolen.

    So the question still stands:
    Who to buy a new, large, quality (no fires!) battery from at a reasonable price? The one I'm leaning towards is the 'official' Hailong store on EBay, $379 for a 19.2ah 48/52V.

    Then it occurred to me, what if I got 2 medium sized batteries instead of one huge one. Securing a smaller battery is much easier, and I could always just carry the 2d battery in a backpack if I knew I was going for an extended ride. Ideally a 15-17ah and a 12-14ah.

    But this plan only works if I'm buying used batteries and saving a shit ton by doing so. My basic budget is $700, which includes $100 for a battery charger that can do 80/90/100% charging at 1-5 amps. So, about $600 total for the batteries themselves.

    ? Are there sources for used batteries that can be trusted?
    ? How do you even measure a batteries remaining life?

    What do you think!?

    Thanks! Very pleasantly surprised at how engaged and helpful folks are on this forum, and have been educating myself with all the greats posts and knowledge base.

    About my bike:
    - Specialized RockHopper hard tail (probably 10 years old, an $800?, bike)
    - BBS02b mid-drive motor, about 2,500 miles on it (I did not do the build-out)
    - 90% streets/commuter, occaisionally on gravel/off road

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