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" Weird " new Hailong battery problem ..

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    " Weird " new Hailong battery problem ..

    Installed a new Hailong Battery after the first 1 lasted over 3 years ... The new one is 52 volts and 15 Amp Hours as opposed to the 13 Amp Hour one I had before .. All went well until 1 day after the "Returns" ran out with Amazon .. You get 1 month .. So after 1 month and 1 day this battery while riding along at 56 volts suddenly by itself goes to 42 volts and turns off when any power is given to the Motor ..
    The weird thing was it would go back to battery voltage if you turned off and on the switch ..and then "Break Down" to 42 volts again when you gave the motor any throttle ... I got it home nursing the throttle and pedaling more than usual ... Seems 1 or more of the cell packs inside are breaking down ..

    A really crazy thing is it was reading 4.2 volts on my digital voltmeter I have on the Handlebars .... With the Switch OFF ..

    I am trying to get help from the Amazon Seller and being run around quite a bit ..They suggested I take it apart and look for the problem ... Nearly $300 on Amazon ..All I want to say is Buyer Beware check your "Store" before you buy ..

    This Store was "DA Energy" I would NOT Buy from them again ... The last Battery came from Unit Pack Power and I never had 1 problem with it ...

    Perhaps this Battery is just a Fluke (bad luck) but the Dealer "store" isn't looking to help ... Buyer Beware

    It could be a cell that has failed but with how quickly it happened I would suspect a mechanical issue like a strip or weld broke so instead of having 4 cells in a group you maybe have only one. This would still let it charge to full pack voltage but you would loose most of the capacity.

    Which / what sort of switch did you have off? Its pretty rare to have an actual mechanical switch these days for this sort of thing, they tend to be electronic of some sort and those almost always have a slight about of bleed especially when measured with a digital volt meter.

    And now my personal opinion.... $300 for a 15ah pack is about half of what I would expect to pay if I was shopping for one so the price is a red flag to me. Another red flag is the seller telling you to take it apart? That tells me they have no idea what they are selling. Unit Pack Power seems to be a problem brand. It seems they started out decent but for one reason or another started building at least some junk. It also seems that since they started out with a good reputation they are often counterfeited. Do or can they still make a decent product? Maybe but how do you know if you are getting a genuine one and if its the genuine is it one of the good ones? Too many questions for me so personally I would just steer clear of them.