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Battery Fails to Charge When Charger is Connected

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    Battery Fails to Charge When Charger is Connected

    I have a 52 volt battery that came with the Luna bike. The voltage reading is 42.7 volts confirmed by my voltage meter. The problem is the battery will not charge when connected to the charger. In fact, the battery voltage drops slowly when connected to the charger. Can one of you battery experts explain what could be the problem? I have emailed the Luna support and I am not satisfied with the answers I have received, no offense just think support either doesn't know or care enough.

    Here is some additional info regarding Battery Fails to Charge When Charger is Connected. The actual battery voltage is 43.09 volts. Could the problem be that the Low Voltage Disconnect was activated because battery voltage is low.



      It kinda sounds like a charger issue.

      Is this a Wolf or DireWolf? Or one of the other batteries they used to sell?

      Is the charger the one that came from Luna when you bought that battery/bike?

      Is your voltage meter the one on the bike display or is it a stand alone one?

      Most ebike batteries have a separate charge and discharge port. If the BMS shuts the pack down due to low voltage that is for sure the output but could also be the charge port depending on the model BMS. Typically the 'reset' for the BMS is by applying proper power to the charge port.


        The battery is one of the batteries that they used to make in house. I have attached a picture. The charger that came with the bike is broken, I blew it up when I plugged into a 220 volt and didn't know that I had to toggle the switch from 120 to 220. I bought a nother 52 volt charger and it seems to not recognize the battery and will not charge. I want to think that the charger might be bad. I tested the battery voltage with a multimeter as well as the instrument panel, they read the same. HOW DO YOU SUPPLY PROPER POWER TO THE CHARGE PORT. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND COURTESY TO HELP ME!!
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          I'm not familiar with that battery. What does it have for a charge connector? Where did you get the new charger?

          There isn't really any magic with most batteries to the charge port. Typically the charger needs to have some sort of current limiting so it doesn't overload if/when the pack tries to draw more than the charger can supply and then monitors the voltage and shuts down when it reaches the full charge point. Some chargers like the Luna advanced you can select the max amps and what voltage it quits charging.