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Charger differences??

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    Charger differences??

    Recently purchased 2 x 52V Shark GA's. One I purchased stand alone and got the Basic 52 V Charger, and one I ordered with a BBSHD and got the LUNA Smart Charger. Just wanted to verify whether the Basic Charger is suppose to stop charging at 52V, whereas the LUNA Smart Charger charges up to ~58.6V? Is it normal for the Basic Charger to not charge up that high?

    Have to say that these motor set-ups are a game changer for me. After 26 years in military, my feet are pretty bad, yet with this BBSHD I was able to get out and have a blast with my buddies while camping.

    Thanks Luna,


    Any 52V charger should charge to about 58.8V before turning off at full charge. 52 is too low. It might show lower voltage when NOT charging, after it stops, or when you first start, but if charging fully it should get close to 58.

    Basic Charger doesn't say 48V on it does it?

    If not, try swapping packs/chargers to make sure it's the chargers that are different.
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      Sorry, I think I misunderstood the question....

    HI Tim,

    I think this is just a misunderstanding...

    the basic charger is suppose to charge to over 58v same as the luna charger....

    the difference in the chargers is not the maximum charge point. All 52v chargers automatically stop charging at 58.8 (high voltage cut off)


      Hi I also have a 52v shark ncrb, the charger it came with stops at 52v. Maybe it,s really a 48v charger? anyway, I got a luna charger and it say's the shark is at 58v and green and won't charge it. But it's not, it's at 52v on the dash or meter. ??? Suggestions please. e-rod


        I think you need an accurate meter. Too many unknowns here.
        Alan B


          Received a Replacement charger from Luna .... THANKS! The new charger works, charges to 58.8V. Note: I have to plug the charger into the battery first, and then plug the charger into the outlet ... If I plug charger into outlet first and then plug into battery, it shows it fully charged no matter what. Maybe it said to do it that way and I just missed it, but it works.