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6ah Mighty Mini real world range?

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    6ah Mighty Mini real world range?

    I am not good at the search function so if this topic has come up and someone can post a link great! My question is How much range are people getting with the Mighty Mini hooked up to the BBSHD? I want to know pedal assist commuting with no hills, all the way to riding it like a motorcycle off road.

    I was getting around around 20km/12miles with PAS 0-9 setup. Using generally 4 or 5, sometimes 6


      It's a 300 watt hour battery. Do you have an ebike and battery now? If so, use the watt hours of the battery you have and the 300 watt hours of the Mini. So if you have a 48v and 12 ah battery, that is 48x12 watt hours, or about double. So the Mini would go about half as far.

      If this is a battery you just want to use as your 'first' battery i would rate it as 15 miles for slow speeds and a steady amount of pedaling. As a motorcycle, with any hills, I would only use it as a reserve. It's not practical.

      The only real answer is "It depends". You want more battery than you need. You want a worst case battery, like a day with a lot of wind. I have a Mini. It's a great battery. People can learn to manage their batteries with a simple watt meter and a watt hour meter.


        Thanks for the reply. I have a 11.5ah shark, but was thinking of converting my wife's old mountain bike. Not enough room for the shark in the frame. I get 20 miles out of mine with 20-25mph speed with little to no pedaling. If i bumb up to 30mph in hills I may barely squeak 15 miles out. I was wondering if there were any diminishing returns when it came to calculating distance.


          I just came back from a ride that was roughly 20-22km long round trip. I had the PAS (0-9 setup) in level 4 most of the time, went up as high as 6 ish. Battery completely died as I got home. Most of the time I was going around 40-45km/hr. As the battery started dropping voltage speed went down a bit.

          So yeah I think 20km is a good estimate for riding BBS02 750w "medium" pas levels

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