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2170 Cells - When will they be available?

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    2170 Cells - When will they be available?

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone (particularly Luna Cycle) have an ETA on when the 2170 cells will become available for e-biker applications? Are you guys planning to switch over to these cells within the next year or two? I read online that the new 2170 that Telsa created resulted in a huge increase energy to weight. The 18650 equivalent would like if we had cells holding 4000+ mAh


    I’m not speaking for Luna or any business but I seriously doubt this new size will be available at our level, anytime soon. Maybe 2nd’s or B grades will find their way into the DIY eBike ecosystem but I think most of these newer cells will be spoken for Tesla cars and Power walls. Eventually, but I don’t see it happening on any sort of large scale for 3 or more years.