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Can't turn brand new system on

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    Can't turn brand new system on

    I got a system with a Shark 48v PF 11.5ah battery, and hooked it all up. But I can't turn it on. When I press the power button, the 4 lights light up, but when I let go they turn off. I don't understand. Battery is fully charged.

    Oh, I keep pressing the power button and it came on. But now it won't turn off. Is there some secret code to the power button or something???

    Press and hold for 1 second, release for 2 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, release for 3 seconds, hold for 8 seconds???


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      Have you had any luck in turning off the unit Jerry. You may need to disconnect the battery. Let us know how you went and if its fits then please share.

    If I remove the battery it obviously turns off. Put the battery back in and it is on again.

    So that is how you turn this system on and off, by pulling the battery? What is the point of the power button?

    Luna got back to me and said the power button on the battery doesn't really do anything.

    And since I do not have a display of any sort, it seems this is how the system works. I don't really care about a display, but having an on/off capability would be nice.
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