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Low voltage battery cell group

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    Low voltage battery cell group


    I just bought a 18Ah from aliexpress (link below) . Used it for 25km after which I ran into a small bump on the road and the battery shutdown.

    I went home, plugged in the charger and went to test it out : 30 meters after which the battery shutdown again. And now if I plug the battery it doesn't "start" anymore.

    Then I came on this forum and saw that I could reset the bms if I charge thourgh the discharge port... that didn't work.

    So I opened the battery, got to the bms, and check the voltages of all the 10 battery cell groups. All are 4.15V except one group which is 1.38V.

    Do you know if aliexpress refunds people in this situation? What should my strategy be?

    Thanks for reading,

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    Ask for a refund. Show them a pic of your meter probing the bad group. A BMS should not let a cell group drop that low unless it's defective.


      After a few exchanges they agreed to send me a new BMS. But that doesn't solve the issue. I would still need a new group of cells. The vendor doesn't want to do that. The dispute is in progress...