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Luna Shark Pack Discharge Port Rewire to XT90s

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    Luna Shark Pack Discharge Port Rewire to XT90s

    Hi all,
    I recently broke a prong off of my shark pack downtube cradle crippling my poor bike.

    My Luna Urban Extreme BBSHD has been my primary commuter for my 36 mile round trip. I have about 2500 miles with no issues beyond bike maintenance. I never enjoyed the shark mount nor was I able to find a replacement in time for my next shift. I needed a fix fast.

    A thread on changing a barrel port to a xt60 showed me that it was a possible conversion. So I did some research online.

    I found a hobby store and purchased 4ft 12g AWG wire, XT90s male and female connectors, shrink wrap, waterproof heat shrink butt splice connectors, crimping tool, and multimeter. I could have bought everything I need from Luna Cycle for a better price but I needed everything fast.

    I added my own pigtails to the XT90s (second time soldering ever...thanks youtube.) I feel safer butt splicing rather than soldering on a live battery. I should have made the pigtails on the female/battery connector longer to add more options on where to place the connector. luckily 3inches was enough to divert the female end out the old discharge area.

    Tore through that warranty sticker and opened up the pack. Verified polarity (e.g. red was hot wire), Followed safe practices (cut one wire at a time, insulating gloves capping exposed wires etc) and butt spliced in the XT90s

    I removed the old discharge port and fed the female xt90s through reapplying the base. I am still looking for a silicone to use to seal the hole.

    On the drive side, I removed the old cradle with a hex wrench and screwdriver. I butt spliced and sealed the BBSHD power wires to the wire I bought. Measured the correct length and butt spliced the male connector on the end of the extension wire. I secured the wire up the frame with shrink wrap, zip ties and electrical tape (ran out of shrink wrap) My goal with this is water proofing as I ride in the rain and the snow so I didn't want any open connections exposed. I may splice in some additional xt90s for a better breakaway point.
    Click image for larger version

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    Finally, I connected with the battery placed it in the pannier and rolled the top closed, and hit the power button... EVERYTHING WORKED!

    I have Ortlib panniers which are pretty much waterproof, I am going to add some foam to my pannier for more cushioning. My left pannier with be tools, shark pack and charger, right pannier will be work clothes, food and rain gear.
    Click image for larger version

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    I hope I can get another 2500 miles without issue. I had the failure on Monday evening, It is Tuesday Evening and I am posting this. Project time was about one day. Thanks for all the great info!
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    Well done, I think this is the first documented pics I have seen of someone doing hardcase discharge contact bypass.

    Would you mind if we use a couple of these pics for reference in the hardcase knowledge base?

    I see this was routed out the bottom, have you considered routing it out a drilled hole in the back? In this way you could still use the cradle as a mount, if you wanted to. I made a video on this couple weeks ago for more of a visualization on what I mean:


      Job well done. I wonder about when you say the bike was crippled, what do you mean by that?


        After a fairly exhaustive search for the Shark cradle/mounts, I'll probably need to go this route as well.

        I'm beginning to get disgusted at the disposable/short lifetime nature of the DIY e-bike components - and as some are finding, the short lifetime for some prebuilt bikes.
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