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52V Battery Charger vs 48v charger - Temp solution for Shark 52v battery?

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    52V Battery Charger vs 48v charger - Temp solution for Shark 52v battery?

    Hey there folks, so an important question (for me) in regards to my 52v Shark 13mah battery pack and my lost or misplaced Luna 52v advanced charger. I have not used the pack much (during a build), but I did experience the fun of once draining my battery down to an idiot 46.5 voltes (or something like that when I first got the pack / doing some testing). I realize that I was lucky to recover the battery I believe, but it was nightmare month of support calls to L as well as nearly a month of grief wondering if the Luna charger was working, as the information gathering process on the procedure seemed all over the place (I really tried)... Long story short, it took a month to finally charge it.

    SO, the reason I write, I took the bike for a nice ride a couple of days ago and, well, no damn charger... for now. I want to do a thorough search (garage / shop reorganization) before running out and purchasing another Luna charger as I had a few issues and questions after the purchase that were not important enough for them to answer.
    I also want to contemplate purchasing a different charger or something that gets me out of the frustrating support system from the company I purchased something from. Just the way I am. My battery currently sits at 52.2 volts. I do not believe that is ideal. I would like to bring it up to 54v (or so) until I find or purchase a new charger. After a couple of days of reading and more than a couple phone calls to various battery folks... I am still confused as to an alternate way to bring this back up to a safe resting spot (54.4 or so volts), using something besides a 52v charger. No one locally has one and besides that, it's a damn intersting question for my head!

    A local company that frowns on Luna and ironically don't sell 52v systems are saying I will blow the house up trying to charge it using a 48 v charger. Go figure on that one cause their one line catalog is one sided. BatteriesPlus could not charge it, nor had an answer. That was interesting as I figured they could elaborate more on that. I read multiple things online tha contradicted themselves. IF I HAD A STRAIGHT Lithium charger that put in juice like a 1amp motorcycle charger does to a led battery... why would that not work? If there was any such charger. So I understand that a 48v charger should charge to 54.something volts and my roommate has one. Wouldn't that charger or another 48v charger charge the 52v Shark batterynto 54 or so volts? I there any way anyone can think of to bring that pack up from 52.2v o 54 volts until I decide on a new charger or find mine??

    I appreciate any replies and please feel free to school me once again on the differece between 48 & 52v and why the charger would not work for this theory. And please feel free to explain why not and I THINK I understand that the 48v charger might think the battery is already charged, but wouldn't it think it was low with 2v to go? Would the Shark battery's BMS not allow the charge? Is there any other way? It's a learning thing to at this point! Yes I will look into another charger... just a money thing right now. Thanks again!
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    46v is above the recommended low cutoff of 43 so there was nothing to recover. You can use the 48 charger for a while if you want. It is possible the charger you lost was defective. I have seen 52 chargers as low as $20-30 so good luck.